March 2018 Astrology!

Everything you need to know about the astrological weather in March, regardless of your zodiac sign!

In the aftermath of the full moon the first week of March (which can sometimes be tricky energy to deal with), it’s normal to feel that things are just sort of weird, with loads of Pisces energy influencing the month. It’s an important time to make some significant changes in how you approach life. The presence of Virgo from the moon energy creates an awesome period of time to think about generating more money or ask for a raise, but there are many other things to consider and keep in mind.
Pisces being nearly everywhere this month except for the moon, has a very spiritual energy. This means that you will have some spiritual and psychic or intuitive moments in this month. It’s completely normal and expected to experience intuited knowing or claircognizance in regards to situations and people. This could be the time to act on those insights. Your powers of guidance are stronger and more reliable now than they typically have been. When someone seeks your advice, be confident in guiding them forward. However, unsolicited advice won’t go over well. Regardless of how strongly you may feel about your newly acquired insight, zip it until you’re asked… Remember that this Pisces energy works in everyone. So, this could also be the perfect time to seek advice or counsel from others! If you read tarot cards for yourself, you may want to get a second opinion this month… Would you like mine? If so, click this link!
Full moons are generally the time to ditch things that don’t work well for you. In a Pisces month, this is particularly true. There are certain aspects of everyone’s life that cause great stress and tension. Behavioral patterns, outdated ideas and biases or habits that originate from your past should now be disposed of. Additionally it’s a good time to discard toxic relationships! You need to let go of some of these issues in order to de-stress yourself and relax. This won’t be easy but entirely necessary if you want to take full advantage of the abundant energy that Virgo offers!
The beginning of March presents the ideal time to make decisions about your health. This is when you could potentially start new things, like may be trying out a healthier diet or quitting a drug habit, alcohol or smoking. Though this may initially sound hard, but there are angels that help you through these processes. There are also crystals that could be of use, and this is when you should try them out. I am always available to select the perfect crystal for your situation! Just send me an email or leave a comment on this post!
The one thing that could surprise you during this period is karma. Good things can happen to you unexpectedly, and this can make you a bit impulsive. If you’ve got some crummy karma you’re dragging around, make amends before the karmic forces take hold! Your impulsive inclination is perfectly natural within this astrological weather, but you need to remind yourself to be aware of how things will affect you in the long term. Pick your battles wisely. If something that pisses you off now won’t actually impact you in the long run, let go of it. The Pisces energy can make you sleepy and slightly unfocused, so don’t waste your time dwelling on things that won’t matter soon.
As noted earlier, this is the time to change the direction of your life. ‘Chase your dreams’ could be the message of the month. However, Pisces can often get you moving in opposite directions. To not be trapped in confusing energy, or to head full-speed in the wrong direction stop wondering when you will be happy and decide on being happy now! Figure out what is important to your core being. If your happiness is conditional as in “I will be happy when…” Then unfortunately, you may never find long lasting happiness. The goal post is always moving! If you have 1 million dollars you’ll want 10 million, then after that 100 million.
Thank goodness that the Virgo Earth energy keeps us grounded in reality this month as all the Pisces water energy could make us feel completely crazy if we didn’t have it. To take care of your long-term betterment, you will have to get in touch with your inner spirituality. Follow through on your creative ideas and let go of your sense of unworthiness. It is not arrogant to be proud of yourself and have a healthy self-esteem. Pisces has the capacity to bring up all the bad things lying dormant at the back of your mind; it is important to face them with confidence!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The first Mercury Retrograde of the year begins on March 22. This makes it all the more important to propel yourself forward in the right direction in the beginning of the month. You’ll find some roadblocks ahead of you as usual in the retrograde. However, if you act preemptively, you can get past this energy fairly unscathed!
Sanjay & TBA

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