Meet the Writers!

Wondering who is helping me out? Welcome Jenny and Sanjay!


Updated: 5 days ago

I have hired two writers to take your Monthly Readings & additional Video Content from & condense them into summarized main points in written form! Have you ever watched a video and thought “I need to remember that thing she just said next week…”? Now you’ll be able to screenshot the most important pieces that resonate for your for quick motivation and reminder!
Welcome to Tarot-blee Accurate Jenny & Sanjay! Read all about them below!
Jenny Nguyen is a freelance writer from Colorado. Prior to writing for Tarot-Blee Accurate, she’s published two poems in the anthology, “Upon Arrival” (2017-2018). In her spare time,
Nguyen plays several instruments and spends time with her debate team.
Presently, Nguyen is working on a poetry book and a fiction novel.
Sanjay Kizhakkekkara is a freelance language professional. A compulsive traveller, bibliophile and film fanatic, he is secretly in love with trains and wishes he owned one.
Sanjay has two master’s degrees – one in English Literature and a more recent one in filmmaking. When not freelancing writing gigs online, he can be found hunched over his computer plotting his first novel or mapping out the characters for his first feature film!
Here’s how you contact him:
I am so excited to have you both on my team!

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