Libra’s March 2018

Slow and Steady will win the race for Libras in March!

Hey Libras! Brace yourself, because March is a hectic whirlwind full of tests in love, finance, and personal development. “Steady” is on the cards this month, so here’s a guide on what to expect and how to take things slow as you journey your way through March Madness. Click here if you’d like to learn about Libra’s predictions in video format instead!
March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. However, warlike is far from what you will be feeling this month.
Unfortunately, you will be shrouded in a veil of apathy. You will be numb and unaffected as the seems to go one without you. This may cause you to want more excitement and unpredictability in your life, but jumping headfirst into an unforeseeable future will bring more harms than benefits.
Enthusiasm takes time to grow. Be sure to go with the flow and see where the waters pull you. Many small opportunities will come your way. Life has many seeds, and March is the time to choose and grow.
Be patient and your plants will flower and bear fruit.
Something is not quite right with your finances, and you might be the one causing it. Many Libras have entered a negative situation regarding money and/or work because they have ties to negative influences.
The challenge is to walk away from these bad influences. They may seem insignificant now, but you will end up making a terrible decision that will cause a domino effect if you do not walk away.
Go slow. Sit in the background like a chameleon and watch the situation before you act. There are some things in life you cannot control, so observe, plan, and adapt.
If you are single, then you want something fun and enthusiastic about a relationship. However, the fear of being hurt plaques your mind and prevents you from finding love. You think that putting up walls around yourself will protect you, but it is just making it harder for you to receive love. The main challenge in March is to move past this fear and in the right place, at the right time.
You also must accept that you can’t change everything. Yes, there are some bad influences and people out there. Therefore, you should take things slow – see if the situation benefits you, then decide if you want to pursue a relationship or quit it. Follow your gut instinct.
If you are coupled, you seem to not want to take charge or make decisions for fear of creating conflict. You are trying to prevent your relationship from shifting or changing. Unfortunately, this makes the relationship shallow and somewhat fake.
You have to recognize that every relationship has its downsides and that there’s always growth somewhere toxic. Make the decision to stay or walk away.
You are walking on the tightrope that is your relationship, and there is the chance of falling into something poisonous. There is also the chance of making it across the rope to an exhilarating end. Decide if that end is worth it, or if the drop is too likely.
Change is hard. Most of you are aware of what you need to change, you just don’t want to. There are slow and steady changes you need to make for yourself. Are you ready to heal, or do you want to stay in this painful process?
The challenge is to decide whether change is worth it. That pain may just be annoying, like a mosquito bite. It’s a sting or an itch that isn’t anything drastic. You can move on from it.
And this isn’t about literally moving on or letting go of something. It’s merely changing your mindset. If your relationship isn’t working out, change your mindset. Maybe your partner’s annoying tics are harmless and you can move past that.
Perhaps you feel apathetic because your life seems to have lost color. Change that mindset! Find the little things in life to be excited about.
One word – Courage. No, not like in war, where facing danger is brave. The courage to trust in yourself and change.
Libras tend to want to spice up their life and be impulsive. Trust yourself to take things slowly, even when it feels like you’re holding yourself back. Trust in your gut, even when your mind says something different. It’s that gut feeling that is going to get you through March.
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