Aries March 2018!

Finances may be going well, but without an emotional metamorphosis, it’ll be hard to keep the financial flow coming! Learning to express greater empathy is of paramount important for relationships as well as in business.


Get ready, Aries – the winds of change are blowing your way! Pull that ace from your sleeve, because we’re swapping out your deck. March isn’t going to wait for you, so here’s what to expect.


Lucky for you, everything is working out the way it’s supposed to. You’re successful, the job is going well, and you’re feeling great. Good for you!

Unfortunately, your happy-go-lucky state could be from suppressing more concerning emotions. You are inclined to stuff feelings that you need to release, and even though wonderful things keep coming your way, these unwanted feelings are making you fatigued and weighing you down.

This emotional whirlwind, coupled with the sudden overload of golden opportunities will confuse you. You won’t know what you value most, and you may have no idea how to sort out what you want from the pile of choices.

To combat this, you need to step back and look at your dilemma as an outsider. What decisions are you making that are deterring you, and what can do you to fix that? Before you take any actions, take a different perspective to better understand the situation.


You’re not being generous enough with your time and energy. This won’t worry you, since money seems to flow in for you anyhow. Yet, this is a good thing to recognize or consider since if you’re putting in too little effort in your communication with others, this may not always be the case for you. Remember that money is an energy. What we give out energetically we will get back energetically… If you don’t get back to clients quickly, you certainly cant expect them to pay for your services quickly, if you don’t respond to emails from colleagues quickly, you can’t expect them to respond to yours with speed…Better communication with colleagues and clients REALLY needs to be your focus.

Furthermore, try and be open to change. Understand that endings are just new beginnings. As of now, you are potentially pushing away crucial chances or opportunities because you don’t want things to change. Adopting a more open mindset in regards to embracing change will only be of benefit to you. You’ll need to do things a bit differently in order to truly progress.


If you are single, there is yet again a need to see things a little differently than you have in the past. March is all about metamorphosis for you. Envision what a happy life for you looks like. Shift away from looking for the perfect partner and start thinking about how you could be the perfect partner for someone else. You’re not entirely aware of what other people are considering when they consider choosing you as a partner. You’re more focused on your own desires in March. In order to attract a lasting love partner you’re required to think about how would others perceive you in a committed relationship. Would you want to date you, if you looked at yourself from the perspective of someone else? Do you give enough time to a partner? Do you communicate well? Do you listen well? Are you loyal? It’s challenging this month to empathize with others and to see things from their viewpoint. The inability to do so doesn’t make you an egomaniac, but it does limit or keep you from finding a relationship… Try to listen twice and talk once when meeting new people. Music can be particularly helpful for healing and to develop or embrace these needed skills for March. Listen to the lyrics, and feel emotions expressed in your favorite songs. Sing along. Music is magical. As you practice being more empathetic, you’ll be more able to amp up your excitement and enthusiasm in your search to find a romantic partner. If you’re currently sitting in a hopeless energy, music will help release this useless psychic debris. You’ll feel much lighter as a result and this will energetically help you attract a partner.

If you are coupled, it’s time to make decisions about the relationship you are in. Many of you are not feeling very confident in your relationship; but, you’re worrying about things you don’t need to worry about. Try to adopt a more hopeful attitude towards your relationship. You can’t control everything that happens, and by worrying about something out of your hands only attracts stress and negativity. Pay attention to the feelings you have, identify them and then ask yourself: Is this valid? Or is it irrational? Why am I feeling this way? Once you identify the root of your fears, you and your partner can discuss and heal any issues that exist in your relationship.

If you are in an on-again-off-again relationship or something “unofficial”, you need to be more blatant in your wishes and wants. One of the reasons your relationship is somewhat wishy-washy is likely that from the other person’s perspective you aren’t showing enough compassion. This leaves you in a pickle… You probably don’t view the relationship as successful, but also don’t want to leave because you love your partner. This will cause strain in your connection though. Try taking action to be more emotionally linked to your partner, and to be more compassionate. This will strengthen and determine the trajectory of your relationship. Be sure to use your imagination and to think before you engage – how will your partner react? Try to come up with the best, most defusing solutions that you can. Remember – it’s all about empathy! You must show your partner that they really mean something to you.


Aries, you need to invest more time in personal growth as well as your own emotional awareness. In March it’s likely you are more focused on work , money, etc. than your personal growth. All the areas of your life deserve to have love energy flow into them, and this is possible if you try. As previously mentioned, working on empathy is paramount, since when you actually stop stuffing your emotions and try to deal with them, you’re more inclined to only look at your own feelings in this current astrological time period and it’s putting a bad taste in other people’s mouths. More compassion will help you communicate and bond better with others. The Mercury Retrograde that starts the 22nd of March and goes well into April can incline you to think about all the things you regret, and beat yourself up a little bit, but try not to. You can’t change the past, but you can build a better future from here forward. Change things that aren’t working, let go of the past.


March is the time for modifications. It is the time for rubbing away the cracks and shining the mirror. Aries, March is your time to stand out and let yourself be noticed for your kindness, warmth, and love. This month, live life differently – accept that change must occur. As Ashley Bridget once said, “Old ways do not open new doors.”


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