Pisces March 2018!

It’s important for Pisces to let go of old things in March to make space to attract wonderful new things in their lives, whether it’s love, or abundance!

Here is what PISCES men and women should expect in the month of March 2018. Read on to find out what awaits you in terms of your finances, love life, personal development and other aspects of your life in your BIRTHDAY MONTH! Click this link to your Pisces March Video Reading 🙂
General Feeling: You will find that you are chasing after something you love. This could be a person, a past or potential love interest or just a friend. Or even a relationship.
Challenge: The biggest challenge you will face is from yourself. You need to speak the truth of your feeling, and it is a hard ask. Even though you know it fully well in your heart, clear in wisdom and conviction, speaking what you really feel is going to be challenging and crucial.
Goals: Your most important goal in March is to remove yourself from certain situations and be able to think things through. These situations might present themselves as recognizable patterns from the past – things you expect will be different this time, but common sense tells you otherwise. To deal with these situations, you will need to take time out of your regular life, be alone for a while and examine the situation with your heart and your mind.
Vibes: You are coming to the end of a cycle. Now, your concern is putting up boundaries. You are determining what things you will deal with and what all you simply won’t, because you are over that stage.
Finances: Control is going to be the big issue for you this month in terms of finances. Towards the end of the month, you will exercise greater control over this. This is the time for you to control your expenses, become your own boss, may be leave an unsatisfying corporate job and even venture into a business of your own!
However, there is an important challenge that you will face as you go about this. You will find that there are things you can’t control – things that are entirely outside your powers of decision making. You will have to figure out which are the things you can control, and which are not, and learn to take both in your stride. This is actually an important thing to know since we are coming into Mercury Retrograde energy on March 22nd. The things that happen in Mercury Retrograde are probably not your fault…
Focus on healing yourself emotionally. This is the only way you can move on from whatever is holding you back. You need to accept the present situations in their true form. Your intuition will help you to discern the truth as you go down this path.
Love-life: If you are single, this March is going to be a frustrating journey for you. Being alone can seem hopeless, especially as you fail to act on the opportunities that present themselves before you. You might find out that you keep on drawing in people who don’t gel well with your life and your personality.
You may come across as a deceptive person to others this month. This is something to think about. Is this because you have erected walls around you to guard against the heartbreaks of the past? Are you really ready to move on?
For coupled Pisces, this March fares better things. The only thing to worry about is communication. Are you afraid to talk to your partner because it might stir up something you’d rather not? You hope things go great, but you need to talk about whatever is on your mind. Unlike the single Pisces, you’re perceived as honest. Your partner clearly can’t read your mind and does not have a clue what you’re thinking and feeling. This might sound like a good thing, but it’s not. Remember, if you don’t communicate what you must, you can’t be pissed about it later. You can’t accuse your partner of being inconsiderate if they are not privy to your feelings.
Generally, your relationship looks healthy, except for the things left unsaid. You have to be verbal about your feelings and maintain your dignity no matter what. Only then will you receive the respect you deserve.
Personal Development/Emotions: Even though you have experienced bad things in the past, things are getting better now. You are learning to love every bad memory as an invaluable lesson. You have grown to the point where you can even express forgiveness for some of the most painful things you have left behind.
Once again, control and communication are the keys to your happiness. Once you realize that there are things you can’t control, you become more focused on the things that you can. Communicating your feelings is the next step. Make sure you stand out, speak your mind, and demand to be heard and noticed.
Your Crystal of the Month: Rose Quartz.
The Rose Quartz brings harmony and joy into your life. It provides you inner peace and also makes your life better in innumerable ways. It also attracts and helps you to maintain love relationships. So, if you are looking for love, or trying to heal from a past relationship rose quartz is recommended! If you purchase rose quartz from my website, you’ll also receive a series of private videos that describe how to care for and use the crystals in detail. You’ll also receive a print out on your crystal’s specific uses for health, spiritual and emotional benefits, specific care for cleansing and recharging and which angels are called in with this rose quartz.
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