Cancer March 2018!


GENERAL FEELING- For Cancers, this March is not the best time emotionally. You are going to feel emotionally down and hopeless some of the time. The energy that will surround you will be one of imbalance and confusion. Since this is a Pisces month, you will experience your emotions going in different directions. Generally, this doesn’t sound like great news, but there’s ALWAYS a silver lining!

VIBES- You are perceived as committed. You follow through on your promises to your loved ones and fulfill your business contracts. However, people can see you’re a little down.

To change this, you must realize you are not alone. There are people around to help you. You’re such a giving person by nature, but you are not open to receive when people give to you! You resist the assistance or gifts! If you surrender and relinquish your inability to receive from others with out guilt (a recurring theme/need for all water signs this month- so, it’s not just you) you’ll experience blessings, and ease.

FINANCES- It seems that much of your stress is a result of your finances this month. You are worried you are not generating enough income or saving enough money. It will feel like a slow and agonizing climb back, but understand that this is a temporary energy. This energy will pass and things WILL get better, just maybe not as instantly as you would like. You might be struggling to make sense of sudden financial setbacks and going through an emotional upheaval as a result, but think: does stressing out really help you?

You will have to make some tough decisions this month – decisions that you know will benefit you, yet you’re still reluctant to make them. It is a tough decision to stop giving to that charity, or to suspend your Netflix account or a while. But try and thing of this more as a good opportunity to eliminate distractions (like Netflix) and embark upon a new financial adventure. As previously mentioned be open to receiving the blessings of the universe. Accepting money or help from others does not mean you are not independent. Learn to say yes to those wonderful things, say thank you, and move on more at peace and at ease.


If you are single, you are getting focused on what you want. You have grown enough to recognize toxic, abusive relationships for what they are; you have learnt to see the warning signs clearly. You are strong and independent. Your tact in communication helps you find the right person while making sure there are boundaries.

Still, releasing the need to control everything is an issue with you this month, especially in regard to your feelings. People perceive you as confident, but not really into them. Are you not being open enough, afraid of getting hurt? Do you have walls around you that prevent expressing your feelings? Cutting cords of attachment will help. You have to get over your past relationships entirely Here’s a link to that video for help. This is the time to find something new. If you trust your instincts, they can guide you straight into the right relationship.

If you are coupled, this is the time for decision-making. It’s time to have honest discussions. Of course, you can choose not to, but you know that’s not wise. And when you finally do get around to having these discussions you initially neglected, it will get dramatic… However, you have to trust this process. If you want a decent month, you have to make a concerted effort to communicate with your partner. When you swallow your feelings, stuff them, avoid them, avoid talking about them with your partner because you don’t want to have an argument, it will make you lousy and lethargic. You’ll begin to feel negative, cranky and crappy. But when you do finally talk, you’d be surprised to hear some solutions coming from your partner. Even if you aren’t at that stage of your relationship in which you are sharing money, listen to their ideas about your finances.

To clear your mind of negative feelings, try relaxing techniques like walking meditation. Crystals are another useful source of positive energy. (Do check Cancer’s crystal of the the month!)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – A strong focus on gratitude is your best strategy for March. Because of all the goofy astrology this month, working in tandem to a predisposition to feel a bit negative or sad, a focus on appreciation of everything you still have, everything you love will raise your vibration and mood. A gratitude journal would be a fantastic investment if you don’t already have one!

Sometimes we just don’t want to heal. Sometimes we want to sulk a bit, BUT you have to. Surrendering and wallowing is a decision you can make, but don’t make it for too long. The sooner you open yourself up to receive help and love from others the sooner you’ll be happy again and more stable and secure in all areas of your life. March is a month of heightened spiritual abilities and intuition. You’re call to use your instincts and brains in tandem to solve your problems. Expand your spiritual horizons and follow your inner guidance.

CRYSTAL OF THE MONTH: CHRYSOSCOLLA Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 5.52.50 PM

Chrysoscolla helps you with emotional stability and healing. It increases your awareness and balances out your energies. If you are wracked with feelings of guilt, it can provide you emotional relief. If you’re diabetic, chrysoscolla can help you with that as well! Purchase this crystal from my website to receive a series of free videos that detail how each crystal should be used and what angels go with them.


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