Gemini March 2018

March is all about Gemini’s sharing their talents with the world and receiving abundance in return!

Here’s what you can expect in March 2018, Gemini! If you’d rather watch a video than to read the highlights, click this link!
“Circumstances outside of your control are going to be a little bit annoying for you.”
Things won’t be going so well in different areas of your life, things that have nothing to do with you or decisions that you made. It could be, for example, your sibling or friend who’s going through some hardship is attempting to make their problems your problems. This is definitely annoying but try to remember that your own life is just fine right now. Don’t allow others to suck you into their drama. Stay focused on the things that are going right in your life, the things that you can control and understand. Remember that the positive changes are coming and everything is actually super okay for you if you don’t allow others to make their problems yours.
“Find your own inner strength and face all of your fears with confidence and with courage.”
Go with your gut instincts and just trust those instincts are correct as often as you can this month. Your third eye is more open than typical! Air signs, in general, are going through strange circumstances in the month of March, but if you assert yourself and follow your instincts you’ll navigate these energies with much greater success.
You’re inclined towards a hesitancy to receive blessings, thinking “it is too good to be true” or “what if I let love in and I get hurt?” But, here’s the deal – if someone is going to hurt you they will do it, whether you try to prevent it or not, so you’re really only just hurting yourself by not allowing people to show you love if you’re living in that fear.
“Allow people to help you. Allow positive things to flow into your life in the month of March. “
You may find yourself struggling some emotionally. You might not be in your best emotional space when there’s all this chaos around you (which, remember, has nothing to do with you). Despite this chaos and discomfort, you’re going to come into a more emotionally balanced and wonderful space IF you can allow yourself to receive blessings from the universe, from other people etc.
Since you’ve determined what’s most important to you and prioritized, you’ll feel much more confident in regards to your finances/career this month. Being well aware of, and focused on your strengths, you will start to see the benefit of assuming these attitudes. Solar plexus chakra meditations can help you to receive blessings by harnessing and radiating out the vibrations of courage and confidence in your financial or career sector. Pride and growth are the theme!
“Love yourself first and foremost. But, don’t forget to relate to other people, seeing yourself within them, helping them learn from your mistakes.”
We grow by wanting to expand our consciousness and our awareness and being more reflective in the things that we’ve learned. It’s one thing to understand something, but it’s a totally different thing to apply it. If you go to a therapy session with a psychologist, you may completely understand why they’re giving the guidance that they’re giving you, but if you don’t apply that understanding to your behaviors or your relationships, it just wont work. That’s what you’re dealing with in the month of March in regard to career and finances. Actions are needed in regards to the lessons you have learned. There will be some Gemini’s with abundance blocks, not allowing the universe or people to assist. Self talk such as; ‘I don’t know. Maybe this is too good to be true’ or ‘I can do this myself’ to offers of assistance is creating a blockage to the universal energy flow of abundance. These energies and attitudes are a disservice to yourself, so you apply your knowledge! Be open to receive and make this abundance real instead of conceptual! If somebody tries to give you something you say, “Thank you” and you take it this month. This can be a good financial month for you, a month of promotions even, if you are open.
“It is a time of good fortune. You need to be ready to receive all good things in your life”
Single Gemini’s may find they are content with the harmony they’re currently experiencing being uncoupled. There’s a possibility of a new love match coming through this month for Gemini’s but only if this new person will not disrupt that energy. Something to keep in mind this month regarding the search for a soul mate is:“PATIENCE. Wait for the right one to come along. Don’t settle for less than you deserve”
Be careful you’re not accidentally pushing potential suitors away this month. Each person is going to be different than someone from your past, even though they might seem the same at first glance! People perceive you to be a good and honest communicator this month, so it’s an opportunity to express what it is that you’re looking for in a relationship, and to advise potential suitors that you won’t settle for less.
Coupled Gemini’s seem to have an opposite vibrational energy. Your partner is likely to perceive you as indecisive this month. In order to strengthen the bond between your partner and yourself, going out of your way to SHOW your partner that you care will be important.
“You have to be VERY DECISIVE and detail-oriented in the month of March about the relationship.”
As we work our way through March, you might start to lose your sense of enthusiasm, drive, focus, and motivation that you had a month ago. Some of this is because of the Mercury retrograde energy that hits March 22nd. Even though the energy may start convincing you that things seem hopeless, that’s actually not the case. Don’t worry about circumstances outside your control. You’re so close to actually achieving what you want, but you really need to buckle down and work through the projects (emotional or otherwise) that you’ve started. You WILL find success and other people are going to be proud of you!
There’s something very valuable about you and the gifts you possess. You need to share these gifts with the world! Perhaps you’re a good friend, a good listener, or maybe you’re funny, perhaps you add joy to the lives of other people by the jokes that you tell, whatever your unique gift is, you’re called to share it in the month of March.
“Focus on your SELF-ESTEEM: know your own worth, your own value.”
“BE VERY DETAILED” this month. You have new, valuable ideas, and your enthusiasm is important/inspiring to others! If you are not talking enough about what your dreams, desires and goals are, then you’re not open to receive help from other people to do it. Thus, you want to be very detailed in what you’re doing and manifesting, especially if you’re writing, if you’re a blogger, online marketer, anything like that, try writing your goals down and see how much quicker you attain them.
“If your income is somehow tied to writing, be very, very detailed and focused this month.”
Crystal Healing! Your crystal of the month is Apophylite, which Libra’s and Scorpio’s also have. For Gemini’s the Violet (although much more rare) specimens will be incredibly useful in March. Apophylite will help you get in touch with your natural instincts, and be open to guidance from the higher realms. You’ll be protected by your guardian angels while using this stone and you’ll experience much greater clarity. Knowing which direction to go in and knowing how to keep on the right path towards abundance and blessings is much easier with the Violet Apophylite helping you out. This is so important for you because of your capacity to quit this month. Click here to check it out!

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