How to Manage Opposite New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Energies This Week!

We have a New Moon on Saturday March 17, 2018 and a Mercury Retrograde on Thursday March 22, 2018!

New Moons are are all about manifesting new things! Setting goals and starting new projects are typically what we want to focus on in a new moon energy! We also know that in Mercury Retrograde energies we DO NOT want to start new projects though, because when we do, we experience delays and frustration. Things seem to break or not function properly (especially internet and technology related things) during Mercury Retrogrades… So WTF is going on? What kind of cruel joke is the universe playing?

We needn’t get confused or irritated (although having Pisces in everything this month makes that a predictable and understandable sentiment- Click here to read more about that, OR here to watch a super rad video about it). So here are some tips to handle the astrological focuses outside your control, to the best of your ability:

  1. Be all “Inception” about it. Find a goal within another goal that already exists! Set intentions for a project within the project you have already started. Or, you could even make a goal within a project, within another larger project, within a short-term goal, towards a long term project, leading to an ultimate long-term goal… You get what I mean… and if you don’t, that’s okay. A lot of people didn’t understand that movie, just watched it because of all the good actors in it… The point is that Mercury Retrograde is an okay time to continue work on things, just not to start or launch things that are entirely new.


2.  Think of new ways to handle the same things!

3. Adopt a new MINDSET in regards to the continuation of things. Be open to the idea of changing and adapting to potential issues, and ready to shift course. Be okay with going with the flow! 

4. Keep in mind that challenges, complete catastrophes and tragedies, mishaps, etc. All are actually opportunities for us. Things can seem bad, or feel bad, but NOTHING is actually bad. It’s either neutral, good, or causes growth, learning or inspiration which is actually good! (This may seem like BS, but it isn’t. For example, how could a miscarriage not be bad? Feels bad for sure, but the grieving process could illuminate the fact you married the wrong person, perhaps that fetus would’ve been carried to term and then been stillborn which may be even harder to grieve, perhaps it inspires you to create a facebook support group that helps millions of grieving parents around the world that had no one else to support and comfort them?) There’s always a positive within something that doesn’t appear to be so great.

5. Put your crystals outside to cleanse and recharge them. You don’t have to wait for a full moon! We want them to be working to the fullest capacity for us to rid negative energies, to suck up any electromagnetic vibrations, to keep our technology and internet working, to help us feel inspired, etc. Recommendations for crystals that have these magical powers are Smoky Quartz and Tourmaline!

Best of luck! If you totally lose your shit and need some guidance and direction despite this advice, click here for help!



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