Virgo March 2018!

GENERAL THEME – Virgo, these are happy times for you! March is going to bring you abundance and prosperity. This will be one of those months marked by an energy of stability, joy and harmony. The things you do this month have the ability to make long-term positive impact. This is the time to get on with bringing real and tangible good things into your life. These can be long lasting emotional investments like a relationship or even marriage, or even earthly assets like a new home. You might even start a new job or a new business. Whatever you do, your energy is awesome now and you can expect to taste success in the longer run from your current hard work.

CHALLENGES- Your biggest challenge in March will be your indecision. You are inclined to put off making certain decisions, or even thinking about certain things, because they make you uncomfortable. However, with your energy this month, the best course of action is to just do it. Decide on things whether it’s concerning what color to paint a room, where to get lunch, or even more serious things like friendships, career or issues surrounding your love-life, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcomes!

GOALS- You need to realize that you can’t control everything. There will always be things that don’t go your way, that are unexpected and not your fault, and quite often there is nothing you can do about them… Just accept these things, and learn to release stressful energies that come as a result. Especially if you are in a relationship, learning to let go of things from the past will be important this month. Allow things to follow their own natural course.

VIBES- This is a time of new adventures and prosperity for you. There is no better time to start working on a new project, a new diet or exercise regime, or even simpler tasks like de-cluttering your home. It’s important that you get a start on these tasks in advance of the Mercury Retrograde on March 22nd. Mercury retrogrades are not good astrological times to start new projects, however it’s perfectly acceptable to continue work on projects recently started.

FINANCES- You’ll find that good things happen to you unexpectedly. You might find success in business or win a vacation out of nowhere. Your bills may be surprisingly lower than usual or your tax returns higher than expected. Somehow, you’re bound to see some sudden flashes of money in March. With Pisces in pretty much everything this month Click here to watch a video on that everyone is extra intuitive. Use this to your advantage. Go with your gut instincts in regards to any decisions surrounding your money, career or stock market decisions!


If you are single, DON’T move in with anyone this month. Especially don’t do this if you are in a work-place romance. March is favorable for a brief lusty fling, but many Virgo’s have not entirely left relationships of the past behind. Carrying past energy creates difficulty in walking into a new relationship. While the Mercury retrograde on March 22nd creates an inclination to get back in contact with exes; it is much better for you to instead use this period of time (while they are in your thoughts) to try to get over them. If you want a stable long-term relationship, you need to let go of the old and welcome the new. Others may not see you in very interested in dating this month. They are sensing that you’re not wanting to invest in a relationship. Initially, you’re giving potential suitors the impression that you have moved on from your past but they quickly get the impression that you haven’t. This can make you appear in their eyes to be untrustworthy and suspicious. You can shift how others perceive you this month if you take some time to think about what went wrong in your previous relationships. By using contrast, you can next better understand what kind of person you want to be with in the future. Once you have done this (but not sooner or you’re just attracting lusty flings), it’s then the time to muster up some courage and go out looking for the partner you want. You will find them!

If you are coupled, your relationship is going very well. You have developed a strong and healthy dynamic and you will get what you want out of this pairing. This means some immediate good tidings as well. You might get unexpected gifts from your partner – things you have always desired. However, some Virgos (especially females) may feel uncomfortable or some anxiety in receiving. Learn to say thank you instead of pushing away gifts, compliments, etc. or wondering the motivation behind them. Its very important this month that you get comfortable with receiving this month because your partner’s perception is that you’re someone who needs/deserves to be loved and spoiled. Your partner will understand any needs you have for space this month, but not so much your tendency to over-think simple things. Learning to trust the universe, and the intentions of others instead of over-thinking would do you a lot of good in general but also in your relationship. Get out of your head just accept these blessings. Your intuition or gut feelings serve you better in this month than your brain will.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- In March, you are surrounded by energy of enthusiasm, passion and creative inspiration. If you embrace these energies, you’ll be propelled in the direction of your dreams. As previously mentioned, throw your irons into the fire and take actions in advance of the Mercury Retrograde on March 22nd so that you’ll experience greater ease on your path. Your sense of obligation, duty or loyalty to projects/people/etc may be the reason that you continue along with things in this month that are becoming somewhat extraneous as you’re stepping on to this new exciting path of forward motion. You may have to cut some things out of your life for balance or change the way you’re contributing. An example would be that you enjoy volunteering for a homeless shelter and interacting with people there, but now because of time constraints it could be a better idea to contribute to the cause financially instead so that you have the time to embrace this forward moving energy and to chase your dreams. Remember to express gratitude for all of the opportunities life is presenting before you. You are headed to beautiful places!

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Sanjay & TBA


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