Scorpio March 20- 31st

Good news, Scorpio! Relax. March is full of smooth sailing and self-discovery for you. Lay your cards down and walk away, because this month, you are learning to shed the past.



March is the month of war, but unlike Libra, Scorpios are headed towards calmer waters. This may not feel like a good thing, since Scorpios live in their emotions and react badly to apathy.

Putting the past behind you takes effort, and many applaud you for that! However, it may leave you feeling tired, defeated, and hopeless. Don’t be deterred! You are learning as you go through this process.

Sometimes, you have to burn down everything so you can rebuild it. A phoenix only rises from ashes. Scorpio, you are the phoenix in March. It will feel hard to reclaim your balance after losing the old. You will struggle to figure out why you exist and find your sense of purpose. But that’s alright – rest for a while, and then you can shine bright.

Rebuilding something better from the ashes takes time. March is a month of relief, so use this time to heal.



Things are going to change very quickly, but for the better. You may be faced with something that seems terrible, but fear not! It will offer you a wonderful opportunity.

Scorpio, this is the month where your wisdom pays off. The last three years have been taxing, but now you have the drive and focus to discover your purpose. You’ll find that achieving your financial goals is a lot easier.

However, you must allow other people to help you. This is very important! The people around you will be essential to you this month.



If you are single, then you won’t be feeling very deeply. This might seem terrifying, since you want to pour your love out into the world. Aside from this, you will remain unselfish and have excellent communication with other people in March.

Soon, you will be at a crossroads, and you must decide which route you want to go. Most will have downfalls, and you may be afraid that every choice is the wrong choice but a decision is crucial.

And if nothing happens, that’s okay! These circumstances are not your fault. Some Scorpios won’t meet anyone they want to be in a relationship with, but it doesn’t have anything to do with lack of effort.

Just focus on doing what is right for you. You might feel challenged, frustrated, stagnant in the water, but trust that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to.

The good news is, the next person that may take interest in you will be entirely based on Karma. If you have loved your past partners and received nothing, then the next person fate has put in line will return your affections. You will get what you had put out into the world.


If you are coupled, then things aren’t going exactly the way you want them to. You and your partner have had a multitude of arguments and fights.

The problem is that the conflict doesn’t need to be there – it’s unnecessary. Both of you want the same thing, but you both have different ideas on how to approach the situation, which causes cracks in your relationship.

In March, you need to find the middle ground. Make the decision to listen to each other. Let go of those past arguments to have a more comfortable relationship.

Experiences like these are like an initiation to become a healer. You are healing your relationship and healing your partner by listening to them, and in doing this, you are healing yourself.

The beginning of March may be a struggle, but if you get past the storm, you’ll be able to enjoy the serene sea.



As a Scorpio, you might not be very confident this month. You might not be feeling like yourself. You must learn to be at peace with things. This apathetic, stagnant feeling is not a sign that you are not progressing or growing – it just marks the stage during which you need to slow down and assess.

Be sure to recognize that this is your time to discover yourself, instead of trying to rush forward. The future is not as important as your emotional rebirth this month. Remember as we are trying to manifest things for our future, the success is based upon our emotional vibrations. E-Motion is energy in motion, so we are helping ourselves tremendously to reach future dreams/goals/aspirations by shedding the negative old energies we carry and being that phoenix rising into new possibilities. It’s so important that you focus on doing what is right for YOU in March.



For Scorpios, March is the time to let go of the burdens of the past – shed the past, and work on rebuilding yourself. It’s a calm month to work on self-improvement and healing.

Shed all your troubles, like a rattlesnake. Shed your old skin and become something healthy and beautiful.

And then lay back and relax.



The white apophyllite will help you follow your instincts and discover yourself. It calls in blessings, angels, and protection. Unlike the purple apophyllite for Geminis, this stone is more suited for Scorpios in this month because it’s less about psychic ability and more about purifying ones self of energies they no longer need. Order yours by clicking this link!

Lots of love! & Jenny XOXO


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