Capricorn 3/21- 3/31 Money Coming!


Capricorn, it’s totally normal if you feel uneasy the end of March, especially with the Mercury Retrograde. These feelings could come in as physical (gastrointestinal problems) or mental (anxiety) symptoms. There will be much less drama in your life than months previous, because you are avoiding it. But the avoidance does not bring you any greater sense of harmony. The danger in this avoidance energy is that whatever you’re avoiding is likely to resurface and you’ll be forced to deal with it in the retrograde period lasting into mid-April or even after.

Whatever the situation you’re trying to avoid, is not a major catastrophe. It can be a simple communication chasm between you and someone else. However, it’s important that you don’t wait to address misunderstandings as the waiting can cause greater issues with the primary person or circumstance you’re facing.

Why do you find it hard to do this?

There are two and a half reasons… #1 Its uncomfortable, #1.5 Astrological bullshit- Pisces is in almost everything right now leaving you feeling somewhat directionless and miscommunications are common in the Mercury retrograde. #2.5 The energy that surrounds you is one of hopelessness and you may be focused on the little things, annoyances, words said, etc. instead of being focused on the bigger picture.


Others see you as insightful, logical and intuitive at the same time. You care a lot about things that are important to you. At the same time you feel like if you invest more time and energy, it will disrupt your harmony and destroy the things you hold dear to your heart – both conceptual things and actual things of material value. Try to remember to apply the conceptual knowledge you have into your everyday material reality. Grounding exercises and mediations can help you with this. Remember that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Just because you might not be on the same page as everyone else, doesn’t mean you are wrong. Set the bigger picture in your mind and you will start taking the steps towards your goals. Learn to be silent; observe with eyes and ears all the feelings inside and all around you. This will help you discover where that sentiment of uneasiness is coming from.


You are starting to get what you want. Yay! There may be some increase in finances coming for you. This could be a tax return or something else you have been working on for a while. Focusing on how you want to earn money and locating potential new income streams is advised. You are a limitless being and you can manifest whatever you desire into physical reality. You will see that this month if you believe it and co-create the reality you desire.

Your finances are starting to heal. Yes, there have been issues in the past, but now you are coming into a better energy with money. If you have positive feelings about money, you attract more of it. (Hence, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer).

Additional tips to attracting greater wealth and abundance is to be around people more often. Recently, you might have gone into solitude a bit. This is not to your benefit in the month of March, especially in regard to finances. You might meet someone who offers you a good opportunity or some networking connections, potentially new clients. You cannot be a hermit this month if you plan to embrace the flow of abundance available to you.


If you are single – You just may not want to put the effort into meeting new people. This isn’t necessarily a defense mechanism; you are just not feeling it.

You know why.

You are sick of giving to people who don’t give back to you in the same capacity.

You feel like you are going to end up disappointed in relationships. You are still healing from a badly ended past relationship or disappointment and lack the enthusiasm to go out and meet new people.

As the month progresses, you might want to start at least talking to somebody. Or reach out through Tinder or Facebook. If you put your trust in the universe, it will put better people in your path people who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. However, they may be dealing with their own problems right now and not entirely ready for you yet. So, don’t go out of your way, but start a communication process that you can potentially turn into a relationship further down the road.

To potential suitors, you seem to be on the lookout for something serious and long-lasting; you are definitely not into one-night stands now. Hence, initiating that conversation is very important. This lets them know that you are not a “love’ em and leave ’em” kind of person. This is how you make sure that the people coming to you are aligned to your long-term desires.

In the spirit of total honesty, when it comes to love the last weeks of March are not the luckiest time for you to bring in your forever partner. Unlike your finances, don’t expect abundance in love, but be open to it if it does show up.

If you are coupled: You are being entirely unselfish in your relationship. Things are looking pretty good; you are enjoying your relationship to the fullest. You feel good about yourself and your self-esteem is high as well. Since you are not trying to control every situation, your relationship is moving in the direction of harmony. Your earthy energies are strong. Your partner views you as self-aware, serious and stable; and they appreciate this. They see you as potentially going through a change – in priorities. Emotionally you are leaving any yucky feelings in the past. If you have any longstanding resentments or things to forgive with your partner, this is the time. Your relationship is harmonious enough to allow that, and your appreciation for each other is high and mutual. This makes your relationship a lot stronger and much more bonded – not in a codependent manner but more like a team. That being said, continue to watch out for those codependent tendencies. Find hobbies outside of your relationship. This will give you something to bond over and enhance the intimacy of your relationship when you come back together.


You are in a kind of imbalance and could be inclined to be a bit more judgmental than usual. This inevitably causes discord in your own life.

Why does this happen?

Because of the people you are communicating with. They have a tendency to be a bit gossipy. Don’t believe everything you hear and try not to be judgmental; it will disturb that abundant energy that rules your finances and will lower your vibration. Try to see alternative perspectives.

People might tell lies and spread rumors. This need not necessarily come from any specific star sign and could as well be just be a result of miscommunication. Since the Pisces energy will have an impact on everything around you in March, you will experience a general emotional imbalance. Your confidence levels may take a hit as a result. This is normal.

How to deal with this?

You need to figure out a way to balance this and keep your vibrations high. If you think positive and try to see the best in everything around you, you are going to fare well and come out more balanced.


As you can see, this is a shiny, pretty crystal. It is usually mistaken for amethyst due to the color, but if you look carefully, you will see that it is not purple but lavender.

Celestial Aura will align your chakras, and help you find that harmony and balance you are so in need of. With this crystal for your aid, you will become more aware of your spiritual gifts and natural intuition. It helps you to trust other people, enhances your discernment and brings harmony into your home.

This could be especially helpful for single Capricorns – who might be feeling a little antisocial now – as it makes you more confident. If you are in a relationship, it can help you in reevaluating past situations and preparing for forgiveness. If you are a crystal collector who has Moldavite in your home, this stone can potentiate its ability. If you put them together in a crystal grid, it amplifies their effect a million times.Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.59.16 PM

Stones come in different configurations, but Celestial Aura has different points in its corners through which it radiates powerful energy. This can detoxify your entire chakra system and purify your energies. Click here to buy it from my website along with a free printout that lists its spiritual, emotional and health benefits, the associated angels and instructions on how to cleanse and recharge its energy. You also get free access to an exclusive playlist that describes every detail you need to know about caring for crystals. & Sanjay


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