Sagittarius March 21- 31st


This is a time of happiness for Sagittarius (Rejoice!!). You’re finally trusting your instincts and have planted the seeds that will restore the karmic balance. Blessings will come as a result.

There are people in your past who have hurt you, but you have learned to release that resentment in order to step into newer things. Karmic scales will tip in your favor slowly but surely, AND in a greater capacity than you ever thought! However, this will happen in unexpected and mysterious ways.


Even though you may not be entirely done purging negative energies, people and resentments yet, remember it’s a process, and you’re indeed proceeding! You’re using March to step into better energies and realities.

Lesson: You could use this mantra of abundance: I’m a limitless being and can manifest anything I desire into physical reality.

In the past, you have spent time caring about people and giving beyond what you should have. But now, your focus is becoming clearer. You are concentrating your energies on people who add value to your life. This is the perfect path for you to be on.


Changes are happening in this area of your life. You may not necessarily love them, but they are for the better. If you change your perspective, you can see the good things surrounding your circumstances. For example, a promotion that might seem scary at first because of added responsibility or change in hours will work out great for you in unexpected ways and will be easier to manage than you anticipated.


If you’re single, don’t worry about finding a partner just to be coupled. Instead, worry about being really honest and clear in your communication. Since the Pisces energy dominates this month, and since you’ll be in a mercury retrograde energy until April 15th, trust your intuition in every thing as it will serve you well. If you feel like you’re not ready for a long-lasting relationship, this is the time to take a break and focus on your personal goals for a while instead, it doesn’t have to be forever. However, if you ARE ready for a relationship, you’re in a favorable energy to attract lots of options! You’re very emotionally balanced but fiery and passionate at the same time. You have a subtle sexiness that works to your advantage. The more time someone spends with you, the more they are attracted to you. They can’t get enough of you this month. The strong pisces in everything energy may have you feeling like you’re not sure what you want, but you actually do… Its not you, its astrology…

If you are coupled, you might not want to talk about certain things, especially money matters. But here’s the problem; if you don’t, you don’t get what you want. By pretending that everything is wonderful, you’re just kicking the can further down the road with your partner. The longer you wait, the worse off you’ll be. Talk things out with your partner: your schedules, potential investments, doctor’s appointments, whether you want kids or not – don’t leave out a thing. Your partner can tell you’re not wanting to have certain discussions to avoid drama. If you fail to have discussions with your partner openly and honestly and if you fail to make decisions based on these conversations you are likely to very much regret that choice. Make sure within these challenging conversations you’re focusing exclusively on you and your partner without worrying about the opinions of others.


You are guided this month by your intuition and you don’t care about what people say. With everything that has been going on in other areas of your life, you have to maintain confidence in what is important to you. Gradually, things will pan out the way they are supposed to, this is a karmic month for you. You can manifest whatever you want. The energy of abundance (finances, fun, time) is very strong for you in the month of March. Vision boards can be helpful to channel these energies in the right direction.


Sodalite helps you feel courageous and humble while also increasing your psychic awareness. It will also enable you to be of service to others, but only after clearing your own blockages. Sodalite also gets rid of anxiety, panic attacks and hypersensitivity. It enhances harmony and teamwork, which makes it an ideal crystal for couples. It can also take care of your lymph system and digestion. Pick one from my website to also receive a patreon-exclusive crystal playlist and a printout that details everything you need to know about crystals! & Sanjay


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