Taurus March 20th- 31st


YAY! Taurus has very exciting and creative energy this month, but you need to CHOOSE to keep your energy light and fun. New hobbies, arts and crafts, interests, and passions towards things, or even people are likely! The mercury retrograde from March 22nd through April 15th is a really good time to bring back into your life, things you were interested in as a child. Doing things you used to really love, like coloring with crayons for example helps you to lean into the energy flow of LOVE. When you’re in the energy flow you’ll naturally feel happier and more positive. You’ll express more gratitude as well. As you do this you’re in a much better place to attract all of the things you desire from the universe!


People may be getting the impression that you’re uncertain about things or a bit imbalanced. They are under the impression that you don’t know what you want or where you are going and you are a little frustrated, yet not deflated.

Humor can be surprisingly useful here if these impressions are at all true. If you feel down this month, find ways to laugh as much as possible. Anything you felt excited about initially, that doesn’t make you feel positive anymore is remedied by simply watching a comedy. Ignore the doom and gloom; concentrate on the opportunities to raise your vibrations via laughter! That aforementioned creative energy should also be put to use. As you “get in the zone” with your creative endeavors, you’re actually healing.


Money matters may be in need of some healing this month, and an easy treatment is to see the lighter, brighter sides of situations. For example, even if you don’t have enough money to go on spring break, you do have enough to pay your bills. Use both your intellect and spirituality to come up with and implement solutions to any money mishaps this month. Unexpected blessings are coming for you; that can make your life infinitely better. For example, someone might see the pottery you make as a hobby, post a pic on instagram and, voilà, you might end up with a business selling coffee cups for 500$ a pop. Be open to possibilities and release any need to control! Following your intuition, especially in regards to your creative endeavors is the key to embracing this energy. Claircognizance – that ability to find sudden answers from nowhere – comes differently for each person. This could be in the form of a sign, a number or a message.


If you are single, just keep doing what you’re doing. It might not always feel like you are in the right track, but keep at it. For those of you who are definitely not in the right track, this is probably because you haven’t emotionally moved on from something/somebody (an ex?) that sucked. This video about cutting the cords of attachment might help.

On the other hand, some of you are just not pouring love into the idea of finding that perfect someone. This is why you see a giant brick wall in front of you. If you’re actually out there, you will only attract people who are mature and emotionally balanced. Ergo, this is a good month. You just have to look for what you want.

Since this is a Pisces month, everyone has a heightened sense of spiritual awareness. So, it might be helpful to pay attention to the details of what people say and do. You will just know who people really are. This is a feeling that will also reflect in your own relationships. Observe how kind or cruel potential partners are towards others, like waitresses for example on a date. This will have a magnified effect on your personal dynamic as well. If they are unfairly critical of others, they will be ten times that towards you.

Unfortunately some people you meet will be dishonest; you can’t change or avoid that. It’s their fault, has nothing to do with you.

This is a time of fortune and abundance as far as relationships go. If you are open to receive, you will meet people who are good for you. If you keep attracting people who are not right for you, you should ask yourself: Deep inside, what do I think I deserve?

If you are coupled: Your relationship seems like hard work, but at the end of the day, if you are happy it’s worth it, right? You are not always committed to expressing your love to your partner from their perspective. You do not always appear eager and wanting to receive love. When you pay attention to detail, you come off as being nit-picky. Seeing love in all the things around you will benefit you enormously for yourself and for your relationship as well. Take the lead. Instead of talking, show by example. By the way you treat them, show your partner how you want to be treated. Yes, it sounds so obvious, but how many of us actually bring this into practice? We are often disappointed because the other person can’t read our mind.


Some of you are in a hopeless energy that needs to change. Your emotional state is entirely your choice.

But how?

Look at the motivation behind why people act the way they do. Use your powers of intuition, along with your mental logic. No one is perfect and everyone has some form of insecurity or area of improvement. Perhaps some Taurus’ are struggling with boundary issues in relationships or have trouble maintaining a healthy self-esteem. Since the reasons are different for every individual, these are better articulated with a private reading. Get yours here!


Topaz comes in different colors. This particular one will help you to take control of your life. It raises your vibrations and helps you connect to the divine energy, which you badly need this month. It tells you to lean on your intuition and trust your spiritual guidance.

Topaz also provides you the physical energy to achieve things in your life and purify your aura. It clears out your chakra blockages, gets rid of old energies and attracts wealth and happiness. If you put this powerful crystal at the center of your house, it can radiate tons of positive energy to everyone who walks inside. It can even help you with your metabolism, if you are having trouble in that regard.Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.44.56 PM

I have just a single topaz listed on my website for sale. Click here to buy it along with a Patreon video series that comes free and describes how to cleanse and charge crystals. (Of course, this crystal already comes cleansed and charged for you). You also get a printout that describes everything the crystal does, how to care for it and more.

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate.com & Sanjay


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