Aquarius March 23- March 31st

For Aquarius, this is a hard work month. You will find yourself joyful and excited, but you’ll be working hard. This need not necessarily be in your professional capacity, or on home renovation or redecorating projects, but may also be in your relationships as well. You might often feel that you are running out of gas and your sleep might be troubled, which will negatively affect your productivity. You are enthusiastic, passionate and attentive to every last detail – and this is a good thing, of course – but it is also wearing you out. Make sure you get plenty of sleep!


Things are going to change, and your finances are going to be more balanced than they were last month. However, this month does still have it’s challenges. Luckily you have the motivation to go forward. Once you figure out what you need to do, the sailing gets smoother. Creatively inspired solutions to balance things out will flow to you. Expressing yourself through music is a fantastic way to receive this type of inspiration. For example, just sing at the top of your lungs while driving to work; this will release any negative energy that blocks you from receiving greater abundance!


If you are single, you have been honest – with yourself well as others and that’s a really great thing. That said, there are still things, circumstances, and people that you need to move away from. Cut off those cords of attachment; get over any feeling that is self-sabotaging.

You may find it challenging to maintain a work-life balance if you’re dating. You’re likely to feel like you’re not meeting people who have the same drive or long term goals as you do. Try to have faith and optimism that well matched energies do exist, and that they are single looking for you too! If you really believe in what you are asking for, and put your trust in the universe, that like-minded person will inevitably show up! You just need to make your wish with all your heart and trust!

If you are coupled, this month is all about being honest and communicative. Your relationship is less than perfect because you are not giving enough time and energy to your partner. Your give-and-take dynamic isn’t working as well as it should. This could be because your passion and enthusiasm are concentrated elsewhere.

Letting go of your relationship fears is the challenge. You should focus on the good things you have experienced with your partner in the past. Sure, there were some not-so-good moments as well, but you need to get over that negativity. Praise your partner for the positive things they did in the past and make them feel appreciated. This is how you get them to continue doing those sweet things for you! This also means that you are perfectly capable of taking the lead in your relationship. 


There are things in the past that you need to leave behind but haven’t. The universe can shower you with blessings – if only you can shift your perspective and ditch the things that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life!

ENVY is your biggest problem. Things happen beyond your realm of control, and this sucks. You feel powerless. This is natural. Solar Plexus Chakra meditations are something you could try to maintain better control over yourself.

Also, that facebook envy needs to stop. That pain you feel when you scroll down your newsfeed and find someone else’s life going remarkably well – much better than yours – is natural but definitely not healthy. Remember you are only hurting yourself with those feelings. Instead, try to feel love for what they have. That’s how you attract all those nice things towards YOU. And this happens to be a very auspicious time to receive that type of abundance from the universe. Envy only blocks this because it makes you think you don’t deserve any of it. Don’t fall for it. You can make or break this month depending on YOUR OWN APPROACH.


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