Leo March 26th to March 31st- Be Patient!


This month seems a bit off-color to you. Like there isn’t much to celebrate. A lot of Leos may have gone through painful things recently, like a bad break up or leaving a job – things that are not easy to talk about. Your confidence isn’t as high as you are used to and it makes you feel a little unsuccessful. However, these are situations you had to go through, although you probably did not want to. You have walked away from a position or a person that you rightly should have, and onto better things, although it doesn’t quite seem like it now.

To think about what you actually want. How do you want to feel?

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How Others Perceive You- You are putting out honest and clear vibes to others, although you are simultaneously shielding yourself in some ways to avoid expressing yourself verbally. Even though people don’t perceive you as closed off, they seem to be noticing you’re avoiding certain topics.

To counter this energy, you need to realize that you are a limitless being who can manifest whatever you desire into physical reality. If you stand tall and maintain your dignity irrespective of what others do, you will be treated with every iota of respect you deserve.

This is the kind of month where people can drag you into their drama. They might instigate things, expecting you to respond negatively. However, it’s up to you to engage or not.


You are doing well in terms of finances but you don’t feel it that strongly. You have put a lot of time and energy into something, and it will take a while before it pays off. Remember this is a long-term kind of energy. You are blinded from seeing that because you are yet to move past the energies of whatever you need to let go of. You need to be patient for the seeds you planted to bear fruit.

You’re challenged to boost the confidence that Leos famously have. Doings so will help you attract wonderful things into your life. You might be afraid of the recent changes you’re going through and dread what comes next. But sometimes, the unexpected might be even more beautiful than the expected. Remember Oprah was born on a dirt floor in a tiny shack. Do you think she had any idea that the universe would take her to such heights of incredible success? Likewise, even though we can’t predict what’s coming, we can choose to trust the universe to bring the best and the beautiful.

To find this trust and connection with the universe, you can express yourself musically. Singing at the top of your lungs while driving to work; or go out on the weekend, dancing to your heart’s content!

Generally, things could be worse, but they aren’t. Be thankful for everything that doesn’t suck. Challenges always come up, but intelligent people learn from them and grow further. Be open to receiving the blessings from the universe.

Some of you might find this inability to see what is in store a bitter pill to swallow. For others, letting go might be the hard part. Remember that every setback might be an opportunity in disguise. For example, if you are fired, it could be the universe telling you to start a business of your own and succeed in the longer run. Try to remain patient to receive the great things that are coming for you.


If you are single, you may be around some people who are deceptive in nature. You seem to be attracting people who aren’t honest. You are looking for a stable relationship but your enthusiasm is marred by the people of your past. People you haven’t let go of, who lied to you, abused you, took advantage of you NEED to be released.. You are afraid what you are going to find will be something similar in nature. Because that’s what you’re used to. But why does this happen to you?

Try this video to release the past and stay focused on what you DO WANT with the law of attraction as opposed to things you do NOT want so that you’re not drawing them in. We bring about what we think about!

You can accomplish anything you want, whatever type of relationship you want – if only you put your mind to it. If you want to be in a solid relationship, you have to take the steps to find it. Every journey begins with a single step.

Music can heal you. Play an instrument or, as said earlier, sing on your way to work. Go to Pandora or Spotify. If you speak Spanish the album “Inevitable” by the artist Samo is a fantastic album for releasing hurts of the past and feeling self-empowered on your new journey forward!

If you are coupled, the most important thing is to not be nit-picky with your partner. Details are not important; the big picture is. If you are not feeling confident about the relationship try to remember how much your partner appreciates you even though they don’t tell you this as much as you would like them to. It is perfectly normal and acceptable to ask to be more prioritized. However, instead of nitpicking about it, mention it once and back off. Your partner may recognize that you seem wounded and hurt, which is very unlike your usual strong and furious Leo self. Make sure that you are listening to your partner with compassion. What you perceive as inconsiderate words might have deeper roots in your partner’s love and appreciation for you.


You feel like things aren’t moving forward in life as quickly as you want them to, or how you want them to. It’s frustrating. However, things are going to get much better and become more stable than you imagine currently, especially regarding your work and finances. You are making a mountain out of a molehill in regards to your fear. The current dissatisfaction you are experiencing is temporary. It is natural to be worried, but it only negates the universe’s infinite ability to give.

When you feel negative, shift your perspective, find your inner courage and face everything with confidence.

To know in your mind that everything will be ok, to really embrace this more positive alternative view requires you to have faith and trust in the universe. You’re more easily able to do this if you open up your third eye. Meditation can help with this. Meditations for the sacral chakra first to eliminate fears is recommended and then the third eye chakra afterwards to increase your awareness. Think about the events that seemed catastrophic in the past. You have got through them and arrived here! This means it was ok! Who knows what might happen in the future? You might move from being homeless to being a billionaire in a matter of years, but this is only possible if you believe it to be true!


Red Jasper comes in raw and polished forms. The Red Jasper protects you and eliminates negative energies. It makes you more spiritual and, if you put it under your pillow while you sleep, will also help you with dream recall. This, in turn, can help you get messages from your third eye. It also helps you heal as the angels work on you while you are asleep. The Red Jasper also helps you to be honest with yourself and create mutually beneficial relationships. It will be particularly helpful in the last week of March since it can anchor the energies in your body which might otherwise go haywire thanks to the Pisces energy that is prominent this month. With a full moon coming on March 31st you’ll feel much lighter going into April if you have purged a lot of fears with this stone.

If you purchase this awesome crystal from my website, you will also receive a series of videos that explain how to use, cleanse and charge each crystal. You also get a printout that describes the emotional, spiritual and health benefits of each crystal, along with the angels associated with them, and much more!

Tarot-blee-accurate.com & Sanjay


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