Is My Zodiac Sign Changing?

What’s all this talk about star signs changing? Is that a thing? Is it possible, does it make sense?

Astrology started with astronomy. In the old times, when human species was still evolving, it was really very dark all around. There was no light pollution so humans saw the stars much more clearly in the sky. They tried to make sense of the shapes in the sky, so they mapped them into the zodiac signs we now use today. The sign of Leo for example looks like a lion with its distinct head and beard and tail. As they started mapping these constellations and correlating the patterns to their experiences, the characteristics attributed to the zodiac signs came about. When something bad happened – like an earthquake – in a particular sign, they started studying those events, and made connections. This is how astrology was born from astronomy.

“Wow, when mercury is in this sign, I feel like garbage”– Person in history

I don’t necessarily believe that where planets are on a day-to-day level will determine my day; I think I have more control over my day than the planetary alignments do. Astrology is still important though in terms of categorizing personality types. Perhaps it’s the cosmic creators way of organizing people. Perhaps there’s a developmental psychology component to it as well; for example if I am developing my natural disposition in the summer when people are happy, go out a lot and have a good time instead of in the darkest, coldest months of winter where people are staying in, I could have a very different natural state of mood.

So do these correlations make astrology science or pseudo-science?

Astrology isn’t often taken seriously but we can still call it science. This is because of the numerological frequency of occurrence of specific phenomena. The probability of things happening might be determined by one’s surroundings or be a result of the way one is born or brought up, but can also be strongly attributed and relevant to zodiac signs and patterns.

Determining one’s zodiac chart is also very logical. For example, if the sun points to a particular constellation sign when you’re born, that is their sun-sign. If the moon is pointing to it, then that’s the determined moon-sign. Constellations never move, but the earth and the moon do, which makes every person’s birth date, place and time important and determines their unique personality characteristics. In the moment someone is born – depending on where they are- there’ll be a sign that appears to be rising on the horizon. This is how the rising sign is determined.

Why would someone’s zodiac sign change?

Many people have heard, and are freaking out that the dates of sun-signs have recently changed by a day or two. As Earth rotates around its own axis, it’s not in a perfect angle; it’s a little bit tilted. Over a long period of time (100 years for example) where the axis is pointing to can change. Due to this, that transition from one sign to another might change from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on where you are on earth. This would make it seem that only people born on cusps need to be concerned about the zodiac sign changes, yet it’s not relevant to anyone who has already been born. Since we have already determined that the alignment of planets and constellations at the time of birth, which are viewed from the specific location of birth is how your astrological chart is determined, it can’t and will not ever change unless you have a time machine. The only people that are affected by the adjustment are the people of the future.

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