What your month looks like

You’re in an energy of new possibilities. You don’t know where you’re headed, but you’re going to trust that everything that happened in the past was for a reason. Any tendency to misrepresent things (intentions, circumstances, feelings, etc.) is gone. Your habit of drawing in manipulative people is also a thing of the past.

You are being more practical than typical. Slowly but surely, you are becoming capable of seeing things from the point of view of others, and you’re far less defensive than ever before.

You don’t seem to want to make a lot of decisions this month about your love-life or where it’s headed.

You need to go backwards in time to reflect on past relationships. Now is the perfect time for this, given the Mercury Retrograde energy we have now Click here to find out why. Think of all the pain from the past that you’re still carrying around, so that you can find a way to work through it and release it. Only then will you be open and ready to receive new love into your life.

How others perceive you

People could instantly fall in love with you. You seem to be the ideal partner. People want to get to know you; hell, they might even be thinking marriage! They have a need for a stable and predictable relationship. They’ll find you very, very, lovable. You’re super-attractive this month.

For some of you, it’s getting really challenging to be or stay single. However, this might be for the best since you have become increasingly focused on your work. That said, you are in that energy where you can draw in people almost effortlessly. You get to decide if you want to use this energy to a romantic advantage or not.

What is the best course of action for you

Begin to see yourself as successful. Understand that your energy has recently shifted and you are beginning to attract new and different people to you romantically. Of course, this also depends on your ability to let go off the toxicity and destructive patterns from the past as mentioned previously. For those Aries who are able to completely release the past, it’s very possible they will fall in love this month with a potential soul-mate! If the process of releasing the past is long and exhausting, that’s okay though too. Work at your own pace. Click here for help releasing exes!

How will the Mercury Retrograde affect you

The energy of indecision will work in your favor during the Mercury Retrograde. If you’re undecided about what you want, it means you’re open to everything. In other words, you have limitless possibilities before you.

Typically a Mercury Retrograde is not a good time for new things. However, it is an excellent time to continue working on old things (for example forgiveness of yourself or an ex). That said, if you’ve truly let go already, it’ll be an ok time to start a new relationship.

You may find that you don’t have that confident sexual energy you usually have in plenty. Your libido may be lower than usual. This might seem scary, but the good news is that you’re more inclined to attract people who are looking for stability in their life. Here’s a link to the perfect crystal to increase your sex drive!

What you should focus on

Try to harness that energy of understanding and empathy. Be patient and expunge all the bitter energies out of your system. You can love others better when you show them sensitive support. When they’re hurt, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, try to be empathetic. Embrace all the things you can without judgment.

Despite the fact you may not FEEL very confident or sexy this month, other people see you the opposite, very, very appealing and sexy. They are inclined to fall in love, lust or obsession with you this month, without having spent much time getting to know you at all…


Because you are awesome. 

Click here to watch a more detailed description of these energies. & Sanjay


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