Cancer Love Energies through April 15th

Are you a single Cancer trying to find out what turns your love-life will take in the next month? Or are you worried about how the Mercury Retrograde until April 15th will affect you? Read on!

What does your month look like?

You might not feel very confident or in control of where your love life (or lack of one) is headed, but you are coming into a deeper emotional balance. Astrology suggests that you may feel a bit confused and tired unexpectedly.

However, your subconscious is working out and figuring it all out for you. In order to relocate your confidence, the best thing to do is to trust intuition and follow any guidance or inclinations you have. You are tasked with leaning into your spiritual practices – running, yoga, gratitude journaling, whatever is your thing – to understand that everything happens for a reason.

What you think you want-

You may not really want anything, to be honest. Chances are you are not even thinking about love or what you desire too much right now. You are not exactly on the same page with your guardian angels and spirit guides right now, and thereby aren’t manifesting much of anything. At the current moment you’re not so likely to be speaking your romantic requests into existence. Your soulmate is out there though and probably trying to draw you in right now! So, you have to figure out how to combat this vibrational mismatch with them. They are likely to grow impatience in their search for you!

You might be concentrating your focus on your work or career instead of on love, and this could be the reason why you’re not really manifesting much in April. Remember even angels have a code of ethics. They can’t interfere in your life because of your freewill; if you don’t invite them to give you intuitive guidance, they simply can’t help you. This is why it’s important for you to reconnect with them, so they can work on the love stuff for you while your attention is elsewhere.

What do you actually need?

What you really, really need is to focus less on earth energies (material things like money, home, possessions, career, etc.). Ask your spirit guides to help you to be open to receive, interpret and utilize the guidance they bestow upon you in order to bring in the love you want.

How potential love matches perceive you this month-

It seems that anything is possible with you. People see everything they ever wanted in you. But there is something that inhibits them from taking the next step. The majority of the hesitation from those interested in you in making a move is that they are picking up on your resistant energy (even if you’re not intending to put out these vibes- it’s happening as mentioned previously). You’re not in a vibrational alignment to them and what they are currently focused on and trying to manifest, and they can sense it. Due to current astrology, everybody is more intuitive this month than normal so your vibes are extra important.

Deep down you want to be with your soul-mate, but you are letting the feelings of doubt and fear get to you. A Sacral Chakra meditation will do wonders for you to turn this energy around! Keep in mind though, that a root Chakra meditation, cleansing and activating will make your sacral chakra work more effective. Its recommended to be completed in advance of working to remove fears and doubts associated to your sacral chakra.

Do you remember Maslow’s pyramid? You have to meet some base needs before you move up the ladder to complete contentment and enlightenment. The same is the case in regards to chakra healing!

The earth energies that are so prevalent for you right now, are influencing and affecting your finances (Read/view your March Reading to see where you have come from, then the April one after to see where you’re moving). Making sure the earthy aspects of your life receive sufficient healing will help you get forward in both the stability and financial areas, but in love as well.

What is the best course of action for you?

Make decisions without hesitation, while still utilizing your powers of discernment. This is the perfect time for you to figure out what kind of relationship you seek. If you trust the universe and open yourself up, the spirit will bring the right person to you! Remember that I mentioned your soulmate is currently looking for you?!

How the Mercury Retrograde until April 15th will affect your love life-

The Retrograde is not as dramatic for you as it is for some of the other zodiac signs. This could be an opportunity to embark upon a new relationship and clear out some emotional garbage even though typically new relationships aren’t the best idea in Mercury Retrogrades. Watch this Cords of attachment video for some guidance on how to release the past in order to usher in the new!

The angels can bring the right person to you; in fact, they are eager to help you! You just need to ask them! Ultimately you have to decide to be willing to receive love, to ask the spirit world for help, to let go of the past and you’ll be able to embrace the new! That soulmate is out there seeking you right now! & Sanjay


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