Single Pisces Love Predictions- April 2018

Hey Pisces singles! Here is what you should expect for your love-life in April!

What your month looks like: This is a month for fun.

Keep doing you’re doing. You might not expect things to be much different, but keep your enthusiasm going! New love is possible! This could either be a new love coming in as a result of emotional healing; or it could be about falling in love with yourself in advance of entering a stable relationship with another person. Regardless love is in the air! The universe is finally starting to pay you back for your past hardships!

FYI: You are not paranoid; you’re seeing things the way they are, make sure that you follow your intuition because it is spot on! Since many other signs will also be extra intuitive this month, it won’t be easy to hide things from others. It should be easy for you to really get to know people this month.

What you think you want versus what you actually need: Some of you are attracting something painful because you know you will learn from your pain. This is a subconscious desire and it means that you are going to draw in shitty relationships. Be super aware of your energy so that you can shift it to attract something better!

You need to avoid communicating with certain people. As a rule this month, don’t reach out to exes in this period. Done deals need to stay done. Instead, work out the details of the kind of love you want to attract in the future. You do not have the power to change other people.

How people see you this month: People are picking up on the vibes that you are inclined to go back to past patterns of relationships, maybe just because it’s what you know, and is therefore comfortable, despite the fact that it’s likely unhealthy. It seems like you are not releasing your past. This does not necessarily mean exes, but also ways of doing things, or ways of thinking. This means that others are likely to approach you with caution.

Since others are very much in tune with your energy, they are likely to be slow in approaching you. Your sensitivity is attractive, and observed, so others will think you’re a potential good love match, but that’s coupled with the fear that you’d ditch them for a past relationship they don’t perceive you to be completely done with.

What is the best course of action for you? Sleeping is so important for you in April! Remember that we heal in our sleep. This is how we attune ourselves to the energy of the universe.

Think about what you want long-term. This will help you draw in the right match. In this process, it is also important to discern between your intuition and those unhealthy desires that lay dormant in the back of your mind and subconscious.

How to work on this: Try using color energies. Chakra meditations are one of the ways to do this. Watch this Cords of Attachment video to learn how to deal with bad energies that keep coming back – not merely exes, but the toxic patterns that can be present in any relationship!

XOXO, & Sanjay


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