Single Scorpio Love Predictions- April 2018

You are so in touch with your feelings and clear as to what is important to you this month Scorpio! You won’t settle for anything less that what you truly want. Thanks to this emotional depth, you will be able to manifest whatever you want in your relationships!

And here’s the big news.

You could find your soul-mate this month! YAY!

What you think you want versus what you actually need: You think you want what everybody wants: Someone sexy, loving and nurturing – the kind of person everyone would admire from afar. But while you will be drawn to that, the fact that others are too might make you a bit jealous and nervous.

Excitement, fun and adventure are what you need with someone uber confident. Be careful to distinguish the difference between loving and nurturing confidence versus narcissistic and self-centered confidence in others.

Not every Scorpio is jealous. But some of you might experience a lot of anxiety or fear in your potential relationships, especially if you couple up with a fire sign. If this is your true love match, you need to try hard to avoid drama and learn to show love in these situations where you feel insecure. If you meet a person like this, this month, show lots of love to them! This will make them less inclined to stray.

How others see you: You could be putting out an energy of not wanting something long-term. Potential love matches will wonder what kind of challenges they might face in relationship with you as a result. However, you’re also perceived as fair and balanced. Despite the fact that potential love matches can’t tell for sure if you want a secure and structured relationship, they are likely to wait around to find out because they know that you will be fair to them.

Karmically, you’re going to get the things you want.

What is the best course of action for you? Be strong and use tact in your communication. This can be a no-drama month for you. Things are going to work out the way they are supposed to in the exact time they are supposed to. When you are not exactly feeling like yourself, try breathing exercises. This clears out psychic debris and garbage in your auric field.

When meeting new people, stay confident and be your fun and exciting self. If you are drawn to fire signs, they might be a good match for you. A vision board will help you determine what exactly you want.

It looks like the universe has already aligned love matches for many Scorpio in April! You might meet your match faster than you expect, but ultimately you will be happy.

XOXO, & Sanjay



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