Single Leo Love Predictions- April 2018

Hey Leos! Want to know what April looks like? Or are you spying on a Leo, perhaps? (shh!!)

What your month looks like: This is one of those periods when you have to be a bit patient and shift your perspective. This is not to say that you have to change what you are looking for; rather, look at things from a different angle.

It’s very possible that a past lover might show up; before you engage, remember how far you have come since breaking up. Ultimately, you broke up because that relationship wasn’t what you wanted.

Patience will be necessary in April to bring in the love you want. This will not be the most romantic period to be honest. There are things you cannot see; so don’t go looking for love. The people you meet might have issues of their own. So, be patient before you give away your heart. Try to go slow, and approach situations through alternative points of view, the right person will come and find you at the right time.

What you think you want versus what you need: You are not necessarily looking for a stable relationship at this point, and you are thinking more about your spiritual health and personal growth. This is a good thing, because it is vital in attracting the perfect mate, as opposed to attracting a subpar relationship.

You are trying to grow to be a better partner for somebody coming, while also figuring out who may be more aligned to your personal energy. This alignment is important in establishing a long lasting connection. Finding a partner who has similar view points in faith, for example, could indicate a good omen for a long-lasting relationship.

You need to focus on finding somebody with excellent communication skills. Someone who is honest and upfront with you would be best. As said earlier, you need someone who is similarly aligned in terms of spirituality and belief system. This will prevent a lot of pain for you in the long run and will assist you in healing any old lingering wounds. Furthermore, reflecting on what you want in a relationship might be very helpful in eventually finding that special someone.

How people see you in April: You are not stuck in the past, yet you may seem a bit guarded. People perceive you as a no-drama person. Your past has taught you that you ought only deal with peaceful and harmonious energies. If someone is a right match for you, they will understand this.

The best course of action for you: Take things really slow when meeting or dating new people. You will be happy to have avoided relationships that could eventually lead to disharmony. If you take things too fast, you could become uncomfortable not only emotionally, but it could spread to your home and work environments.

What you need to focus on for personal healing: Focus on color energies! Chakra meditations are a great exercise to get your chakras cleared and reactivated. Close your eyes and allow a white ray of light to come in through the top of your head and clear out psychic debris, along with old stagnant energies. Pass any debris out the bottom of your feet in to the earth or out through your root chakras into the earth. You will feel lighter and brighter afterward.

XOXO, & Sanjay





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