Taurus Love! End of April 2018

Hey Taurus singles! Wondering what to expect in APRIL? Read on to find out!

What your month looks like

Anything is possible for you. You can’t see what’s coming and you’re not sure if it’s going to be fulfilling, but you have to maintain your optimism. Big positive changes will happen, and it’s going to be AWESOME.

The Mercury Retrograde lasts until April 15th. This is a period when old things die away so that new and better things can come into your life. Retrogrades help us reevaluate our past and clean house. Once you get rid of all the bad things in your past, the universe will bring you what you want. Expect that the second half of April will be way better than the first half was for you in LOVE!

What you think you want

You want somebody who spoils you. You want to be pampered, showered with love and gifts.

What you actually need

That big scary change… You needed to clean house, and get rid of all the hurts from the past during the retrograde period… If you missed it, it’s not too late to clear away all the bad energies, disappointing people, and painful memories! You can still do this! You can’t see it but awesome things are truly coming for you.  

How others see you

People perceive you as hopeful. You seem to know what you want and you are lucky as well. You have the exact vibrational energy that you need to draw in a soulmate! LUCKY! You’re being very direct, super-communicative and passionate. And the best thing of all – you have that sexy energy that other people find exciting.  


Strike that tricky balance of what’s fair to you versus what’s fair to your current or potential future partner. Some of you might give too much…

What’s the best course of action for you?

Don’t stay in, get out there. Don’t be a hermit and shut yourself off from the world. Just go with flow, and DO NOT over-think things. It might be a useful exercise to imagine yourself as coupled with the perfect person and see how it feels, instead of being sad about being single if that’s what you’re usually doing.

How will the Shadow Period of the Mercury Retrograde affect you (end of April)?

It can mess up a lot of things, particularly communication. Be careful while texting, read everything twice before you hit send.

On the brighter side, the Retrograde will have given you some good ideas in regard to the other aspects of your life. Especially earth energies (your jam as an earth sign), which includes your possessions, your home and/or finances. Follow through with any ideas you have!

You’re extra good at determining whether or not people you meet this month want the same or similar things you do in love this month. Trust your instincts! This month’s energies make it particularly easy for you to go out and find what you want. You will have more choices available to you as regards potential love matches and partners.

Remember: When you rush, you stress. Be aware when you’re overreacting. Communication is fucked up for the majority of April… Take time to live mindfully. This will help you with empathy and enable you to address any potential communication chasms (and to hopefully avoid them altogether)!


tarot-blee-accurate.com & Sanjay

To watch an extended version of this month’s love forecast; click here!


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