Virgo Love! Rest of April

Virgos, you are on a roll! These are great times for you. You have got health, love and abundance. And now…

Wait for it…

Your soul-mate might be coming!! LUCKY!

What you think you want- You want to be in a relationship that is not too predictable, but one that is not too wild and drunken either. This sounds like a good choice, not just to you, but others as well. Reasonable…

What you actually need- You need someone who can make you want to go out a little more to be honest. Yes, it’s a tricky balance; work versus play. Obviously someone who throws caution entirely to the wind isn’t right for you, but someone who helps you release a bit and makes you a bit less serious and less focused on work, and takes you on adventures is great!

That said, while embracing this new energy, opening up and being somewhat more wild and spontaneous, still be a bit cautious; fully enjoy this in the safest capacity. Don’t abandon your Virgo self entirely either!

How others see you- You have a classy energy, like a prince or a princess. People admire you from afar but they are also slightly intimidated by you.

People see you as a well-organized, undramatic person. A typical Virgo this month!

Tips and Tricks for the rest of April-Make sure you get enough sleep. Go out and have fun, be seen and be excited for all the great things coming your way, but make sure you get adequate rest.

It’s when you sleep that spirit works on you, healing and removing blockages. Go with the flow intuitively and show up for other people, but when you are home, use that time to rest.

You are coming to the end of a cycle and starting a new one. So, everything that comes for you, you’ve earned! Awesome Karma Virgo!

XOXO & Sanjay


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