Aries End of April: Focus on YOU, Get Enough Rest!

Integrity is the area you should focus on. Demonstrating the truth and honesty of your soul and manifesting love in every situation through your actions is what will get you through this month. This video might help you raise your vibrations through the power of your love. A gratitude journal might also be helpful.

Money and Career– This is a tricky energy. For some people, you are going out there making the right contacts. For others, that is just not easy. The way you have done things in your past may not be working any more. Think about how you have always run your business or how you’ve always managed your workflow. Have you changed with the times? You might find some serious benefit in reanalyzing!

As you make these big, big changes, wonderful things might come for you all of a sudden! It’s actually a good thing to let those old things die; it makes way for the new and the awesome.

Your Love-life! This end of April time period is not going to feel like it’s entirely fair to you, especially if you’re trying bring someone back from the past. But, why try though? If they were not fair to you in the past, will they be now? If you were unfair to them, will they ever stop resenting you? If you broke up because of distance, isn’t that distance still going to be hard? It’s really not that complicated… If you’re currently in a relationship, you can’t sit around and complain about things this month. You have to seize opportunities to grow the relationship, being super proactive and positive with your partner.

How other people affect you in the end of April- LOL, They really can’t. You just need to focus on yourself and go about your thing, trusting your gut instincts and intuition. What other people have to say simply doesn’t matter.

Emotional Development- You are probably not making a lot of decisions regarding your emotional path. Does that seem boring or hard or what? You know what you don’t want, but you find it hard to let go of those things anyway. This is what you need to work on, try and be open to change and proactive about it.

Adequate rest will be very important to you this month. Even if you find it hard, try to get enough sleep. We do a lot of emotional healing as we are sleeping!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.15.44 PMCrystal of the month: Bloodstone Despite the name, bloodstone is a sparkling green crystal. It helps in heart chakra healing (which, lets be honest a lot of Aries need right now). It makes you more intuitive and helps you adjust to unusual circumstances. In this energy of fatigue and sleeplessness, it can give you an energy boost and help you with project completions. It can aid your personality by getting rid of your aggressiveness and impatience. To buy the bloodstone from my website, click here!


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