Gemini Love In the End of April

Gemini try to go with the flow for the rest of April.

It’s not the best time to make decisions; however, it is a good time to communicate with others (as if keeping your mouth shut was ever even a thing, you chatty Kathies!) If you go with the flow, anything is possible. Whatever you are trying to manifest, trust that the universe is working to bring it to fruition on your behalf!

What you think you want– You want to feel excited and fiery, in control of your own destiny. This is not exactly easy at the current moment because there is a part of you that isn’t feeling very confident or hopeful right now.

What you actually need –You need to be patient! You will get what you want, but be sure to think deep and determine what it is that you want in the longer run. You’re more likely to be manifesting things that will make you in the short term but aren’t long lasting or sustainable, but lucky for you, you get to control this! Challenge yourself to think about what it is you would like for the long-term as well! You could also meet the right person for you in the last weeks of April; but if you don’t believe you deserve it, you are going to be disappointed and get someone sub-par or no one at all.

How people see you- You might be perceived as wounded or hurt, but wanting to move forward by new people you’re meeting. It doesn’t seem related, but a good way to shift this energy is to try to focus on the day-to-day things; real tangible things as opposed to conceptual things.

LOVE! Single Gemini, the person coming for you in these last few weeks is local. Someone close by. So, stay put. You don’t have to travel the world when what you seek is right nextdoor!

What is the best course of action for you- If you are in a hopeless energy, you are not going to accomplish too much of anything these last weeks of April. Be responsive to the new things coming through, put in the work to manifest what you want, and keep your energy focused and positive. Remember: your fear of repeating the past is nothing but a defensive mechanism, yet another of the many ways you put up walls when you should be opening up to the universe so it can give you blessings.

Things to keep in mind- In the shadow period of our recent mercury retrograde remember that when you’re looking behind you’re not looking forward… DUH, but we easily forget that. Make sure your state of mind is healthy. Be sure get adequate rest. Calmly observe your past feelings, especially the bad ones, and stop being caught up in them, release them to be open to welcome new people, new love and new blessings!

Many among you haven’t moved on. This is not the worst thing in the world; it just means it will take you longer to get your destination. You are beginning to appear persistent about what exactly do you want from a partner, and you’re increasingly aware that this is definitely not the person in your past.

XOXO, & Sanjay


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