Lusty End of April, Aquarius!

What does the single Aquarius think they want in love- You want to be in control of things, it’s natural for us to feel a need to control our environment for us to feel safe, especially in the area of love… However, this mad need for control isn’t worth it; it won’t help you attract someone (nor allow the universe to bring you someone) when you’re obsessing over how and when you will meet them, instead of just going with the flow. If you are not over the past or still stuck on an ex, you will find it a little hard to move forward in love as well.

What you actually need-You need to be patient; things don’t change overnight. You need to put yourself first, focusing on your needs and what you want out of a relationship. This is how you attract good luck in love! It’s not completely unlikely you’ll meet someone in the last few days of this month! Be open to the possibilities! You might be surprised at the weirdly physical and hormonal connection to them!

How others see you- They see you as single, which means you give the right impression. You haven’t found your happily-ever-after yet, but may be you don’t believe that it exists? This is something you need to work on potentially. It will be very important for you to have conversations about what you want in the long-term with anyone new that you meet. However, make sure this doesn’t come across as demanding or pushy in nature.

What is the best course of action for you- Go with the flow as we mentioned straight out the gate in the first paragraph. Things can happen in entirely unforeseen ways, for strange are the ways of the universe. Someone might reach out to you out of absolutely nowhere and it could lead to a great relationship. It could even be someone you already know or have known in the past, but whom you never really considered as a potential romantic partner. Remember I told you the physical attraction you’ll experience may be over the top and seem “weird”? Maybe it’s just weird because it’s the first time you’re feeling it and feeling it HARD for someone you’ve already met a zillion times before.

Lucky for you amidst this super horny energy, you’re also looking super attractive to the other signs of the zodiac. You’re putting out some lusty vibes!

XOXO & Sanjay


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