You Do You, Scorpio! End of April Vibes

Your challenges in April are related to your past pains or disappointments. Remember: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It will be challenging to align your energies to truly believe that you can transform your thoughts and that you can manifest love into any situation, but SI SE PUEDE!

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Releasing any negative feelings you have and handing them over to the universe to turn them into something better isn’t easy, but it really doesn’t have to be that hard. It is a method of practicing self-love! Yes, it’s not easy when you are hurting, but you’ll feel much better if you focus on healing your chakras one at a time from the bottom up. This about how Maslow’s Pyramid works, you have to start at the bottom to reach self actualization or enlightenment, the same thing is true with your Chakras! Try crystals and meditations to work on your chakra health from the bottom to the top. One by one clear out blockages and recharge the energies, you’ll be glad you did! It will make your life so much better, easier and happier heading into May.

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Money and Career in the End of April, you should find you have a reason to celebrate! You will know this coming intuitively, but you will be tempted to doubt it. Stay positive so you don’t delay your financial or career blessings!

People can be discouraging; some people have shitty or negative energy that can rub off on you just by being in the same room… Pay no heed to them and focus on that positivity within you. This is like a cycle; some of you might be at the end of it while others are just starting on that long winding path to happiness, but no matter where you are on this path in life, positive thinking is going to make the path much more beautiful! The reason for all of this financial or career luck at the end of this month is that many Scorpios have separated themselves from toxic situations and belief systems pertaining to abundance. Many have cleared away blockages or walked away from unsatisfying jobs. You might not feel like you have it entirely together yet, but your relationship with money has definitely got better. You are walking down the right path and should soon see the rewards!

LOVE! Whether you are single or coupled, you have total balance and emotional control for the rest of April. You are in a good emotional space where you can grow as an individual to attract love or where you’ll see your relationship flourishing! This month, love for you may have been less about going out to find it, – which might get too dramatic and crazy – but more about celebrating the fact that you’re on the right track because you’ve emotionally matured. Many Scorpios have learned that celebrating good omens along their journey to deep, meaningful and lasting love and happiness is sort of a lot about not caring about what people think. It doesn’t matter whether people understand your journey. The universe will connect you with the right person (if they haven’t already); they do exist. If you’re in a relationship feel like it’s not exactly going perfectly, try to observe and focus upon something your partner is doing that shows they are actually committed to long-term love with you. That’s worth celebrating right?! Maybe they didn’t read your mind and bring home flowers you wanted, but they live with you and come home on time, don’t they?

How will other people affect your last few weeks of April? You might find that other people you work with are not so enthusiastic about your ideas. Your partner (if coupled) may not like the brand of ice cream you bought or thinks it’s too expensive. But, Scorpio, here’s the thing; You’ve got to keep doing what you are doing without trying to convince others. You do you. Whatever makes you happy is the best thing for you. Other people’s opinions are their’s and it doesn’t need to affect your life. AT ALL.

Emotional Development in the End of April- You are not doing enough self-care, but you are not in toxic situations either. You are being tactful with your life, cautious with your money and with your energy. Even if you don’t feel like emotional progress is important, it actually is. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do this month. Take some time for you.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.39.48 PMCrystal of the month: Bismuth- This is the ideal crystal for Scorpio in April because it helps with all of the Chakras! It is very powerful; hence, it’s suggested that you use it frequently in short bits of time. Bismuth increases your focus and visualization, and it helps you not feel overwhelmed. If you feel down and you don’t know why, or if you have a migraine, Bismuth is exactly the crystal that can get you out of that energy. It rids you of feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially in your love-life. It also prevents you from making commitments to the wrong people out of desperation, and helps you in relationships and work situations. Above all, it helps the innocent and could be the ideal crystal to put under your child’s bed. To find out more about bismuth and buy it, click here.

XOXO & Sanjay


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