Capricorn- Love in the Last Week of April

If you’re a single Capricorn, it will be challenging to meet your actual forever match this week. It looks like you are not forging enough deep connections with people. Perhaps you are miscommunicating or just not communicating very well if at all. You’re aware of what you want; you’re just not speaking it into reality. You might be working on personal growth as a way preparing for a potential mate in the future, which isn’t a bad thing at all; it’s actually quite wise.

You’ve currently got an energy of consistency and a hesitancy towards change. While this might be a fine enough personal philosophy in certain regards, it will not favor you in the area of love. Your love life requires you to first go through a process of healing where you’re focused on your spirituality and personal development, which is part of the reason your love life seems a bit stagnant at this time.

The type of partner you should be trying to manifest is one who has mastered the art of a good work-life balance. You really need someone who has got their stuff together. Someone stable, preferably with an earth energy in them like you!

This week it seems that people may perceive you as a bit judgmental, but not in a bad way. You’re coming across as decisive, so others realize that you know what you want. Any unhappy experiences in the past have served to show you what you want by way of contrast.

What to do: You need to take some action to make things happen for you in the love arena. You have to be the initiator, the one who talks first, the one who swipes right.  

DO NOT go back to a past lover. Its more likely to hurt you and prevent you from drawing in the person you desire as opposed to working out well.

It may be hard to feel particularlyfeel enthusiastic about what is coming and to think about what you desire; to map out your life-plans and put faith in the universe that they will come to fruition. This will however become easier as you continue to progress through the process of healing old wounds.

Your happily-ever-after is out there; it just may take a little time for you to find it. For the majority of Capricorns the chances are of finding that person in the next three months are somewhat slim. Working on healing your past will speed things up though, as that’s how you become ready to welcome in someone new and amazing. However, for a very small minority among you, it will be a mere matter of weeks before you find your soul-mate. If you’re reading this, I hope you belong in that category! (those avoiding healing may have to wait 5 to 7 years! Yikes!)

XOXO, & Sanjay


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