Gemini –Last Week of April- Look at All Your Money!

Pouring love into all situations is what will serve you best in this last week. Think about your purpose – on all levels, and activate all your chakras. Remember that you possess the ability to demonstrate infinite love and by doing so you’re bettering your own life and the lives of others!

Money and Career:
New opportunities are coming for you. This might be a very auspicious time for moving to a new home or to start a new job! Since for the majority of April you have been in a process of healing, ridding the garbage from your past, you are now walking into a new energy of unbound blessings. This will reflect especially in your finances! Yay for you!

Love-life: Sometimes, life doesn’t seem fair. Some of you did not do anything wrong but you ended up being hurt. Someone might have cheated on you or disappointed you, and you’re still hurting from this. This doesn’t get better overnight, but you’re healing. There are people or resources that can help you heal faster, but you’re not seeing them, so look around!Many of you are sort of just wallowing in your sorrow. Those blessings in the financial side of life should serve as a good distraction for you, so focus on that for now – it’s a friendly reminder that there are other aspects of your life that are going well. Give thanks! Give more attention to people who bring you up, such as motivational speakers you find online, things that will pull you out of this negative and sad energy.

How others will affect your life this week: There are people you need to cut ties with. You will be much happier this way. You love people very deeply, which is a good quality; however, you CAN stay away from people even while you love them and it doesn’t make you a bad person.This dichotomy seems to keep gnawing at you lately…

geminiINSTAGRAMAPRILCrystal for the Last Week of April: Rose Quartz This is known as the universal love stone. It helps with trust and harmony. It is also an anti-depressant that aids you in negative situations. It brings peace, unites families and friends by getting rid of chaotic situations, and it also attracts new love! Click here to buy one and to learn more about it!


geminiINSTAGRAMMAY.jpgYour Upcoming Crystal of the Month for May is Aqua Aura! This stone is particularly useful for cleansing your aura (especially near the throat chakra) and will give you better concentration and mental clarity. It’s very similar to the rose quartz in that in encourages sincerity, harmonizes communication, and protects against negativity. Click here to get one now so you’ll have it for the entirety of May!


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