WTF Leo?! How to Better Handle This Week

Manifesting things into your life through your heart-chakra is sort of a challenge. Either you are taking the action without trusting the universe, or you are trusting the universe but not accompanying it with adequate action.Your lesson is to understand that every person and every situation happens for a reason. There are no accidents. Every bad experience helps you become stronger, and even to help others. Remember that historically every religious prophet went through tests and hardships that molded them into the icons of humanity that they became, every fairytale starts in a tragedy.
You might not feel like pouring much love into things – especially those painful reflections, but try anyway to reframe the way you think about the past disappointments and hurts.

Money and Career: You might feel a little hopeless in this area; but ultimately, things are quite balanced in many ways. If you can decidedly feel satisfied with your financial situation, you will be better off. Be direct and assertive with what you need! Ask, and the universe shall provide!

Love-life: Things are not going to change much this week for you, but you have learned from past experiences. You could be making changes in your relationship, or making a positive transition from what was a bad time for you if you are single.You could even be leaving a relationship for something better, something that offers you better peace of mind this week!

How others will affect your life this week: Others can give you opportunities for stability! This could be a new opportunity, or a new roommate. Something lucky has either just happened or is likely to happen out of the blue this week, when you least expect it!

Emotions: You may feel a little out of control. You might be lashing out at others, not entirely in touch with your feelings. Self-love is what you will have to look for in order to get out of that chasm of fear and doubt. When others start telling you what to do – and they will – don’t get defensive but follow your gut instincts and apply what seems right to you and your situation. Make sure you’re following intuition and you are following and not your fear.Don’t give up on yourself before you succeed. If you decide you will never be happy, that will become your permanent reality.Why the fuck would you do that to yourself? Indeed, there will be challenges that you will have to deal with, details to work out, but they are important for your long-term happiness. Your courageous Leo self might not feel like it’s shining so much as typical this week; you might struggle with a lack of confidence. Others are likely to view you the same as usual on the outside, although you might just not feel it.

To get your confidence back, watch this exercise that will help you raise your vibration and make you feel better. Smile a lot, even when you don’t feel it.
Tips for this week:
1. Understand that every problem has a resolution; just look at your own past to see how true this is. The resolution may not always be in your control, but there always is one.
2. Every situation in your past is now behind you. You have got through them. Think of the celebrities who had it rough in the beginning. J. K. Rowling, for example, had her period of struggle but eventually went on to become, well, only the most celebrated author on the planet!
3. Listen to others’ opinions. Most of them might be shitty, but listening will help you. Always do what you think is best for you.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.02.05 PM.pngCrystal of the Week: Smoky Quartz For Leos the cathedral type of pointed smoky quartz is recommended, rather than the cluster. This is based on the way it directs and channels energies. This crystal gets rid of negative energies and replaces them with light energies. You will need it very much in this this week if you are filled with an air of hopelessness. Let it transform the energy into positive light! The Smoky Quartz can ground you and help you take that important step to align with the universe in order to get the outcomes you seek. It helps you adjust to reality and own your responsibilities. It gets rid of depression and suicidal thoughts, and helps you with addictions and increases dream awareness and interpretation. This is also a rescue stone, which should be of tremendous help in this transition. Click Here to learn more about it and to get your mits on one! 


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