Capricorn this Week!

It will be hard for you to own up to your mistakes and misdeeds this week. Learning lessons from your mistakes is a challenge for you because it will take a balancing-out of all your chakras to do this. Get to meditating or get your crystals out so you don’t act like an asshole. You need more and/or better sleep. Pray or ask the universe for guidance on how to achieve this if you need to. Meditate before going to bed if you think that will help prevent you from having thoughts that keep you awake or inhibit you from getting a restful sleep. Keep in mind that it’s when you sleep well that angels can help you heal.If you don’t sleep right, you wake up crabby and you’re inclined to self-sabotage all day.

Career and Money- From an emotional standpoint, everything appears balanced in the money arena. Even though your circumstances might not be exactly amazing, you should be feeling pretty okay about your circumstances this week. You are positive and, as a result, things are starting to blossom! Stay on this same path because it is the right one. However, it will take some time to grow into its full potential. Hence, be patient to achieve your professional or business success.

If you are in a relationship, it can get hot and sexy this month! You will be full of lust. Flirty texts are the way to go. However, make sure these are to your partner! If you stray, you might be able to get away with it for this week, but your partner will catch on eventually, as they inevitably often do.

If you are single,you might be somewhat depressed about it this week. It’s normal for you this week if you’re emotionally fluctuating between feeling positive and negative about your love life. This is actually a good thing, because it means you are gaining control over your emotions and not succumbing entirely to negativity, disappointment or hopelessness in your search for love. This is actually the right path. When feeling on the negative side, many Capricorns will feel prone to over-working to avoid the feelings and distract from them, which is not ideal right now. Instead, express gratitude for not being in a meaningless relationship. You already know where that takes you.

Healing is the big challenge for you. You are see-sawing between total gloom and a healthy understanding of your current situation. May, however, will be a much better month for you once it’s in full swing.

How others affect you this week: Others seem to be judging your spending habits this week, they see you as not very good at saving money. For whatever reason (whether it’s true or isn’t) they’re perception is that you’re an over-spender and a shallow person in some ways. This is not a good color on anybody, especially when you are looking for love. Think about why they would think that so you can start to change your habits so that you’re perceived in a different way. I am not saying that you should change who you are, but if this is an inaccurate representation in your opinion of who you are, it’s worth considering thinking about how people are coming to this judgment. Make sure that these judgments that others may have do not affect your self-worth, remember no one is perfect and who you trulyare.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.33.59 PMPower Crystal for Capricorn- Jade: Jade is associated with prosperity, abundance and luck, as you might have gleaned from those Buddha statues you have seen! This green stone can correlate with your heart chakra and helps with preservation of love and other positive feelings. It gives you feelings of compassion and spontaneity. It is also an inspiration stone and helps with longevity of life as well. To learn more about it, or to get one for yourself, click here!

XOXO, Tarot-blee-accurate & Sanjay


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