Pisces and Cancer This Week!

Scroll down past the pretty labradorite image if you’re here for the Cancer Reading!


It has been really challenging for you to live in the present moment – to express love into everything you do and being mindful. People might be getting the feeling that you are not paying attention or being respectful enough. It’s time to get a bit more rest; you need to sleep more or sleep better. You are working too much, and it is not worth it.Having fun is super important this week. You’re in a good vibrational energy to meet inspirational people! Because your decision-making skills in regards to work or career, aren’t the brightest right now, you’re starting to become emotionally affected. Coupling this energy with the lack of quality sleep, if you feel like shit, it’s your own fault. You get to control how you feel this week! Sleep in, then go out and party this weekend it will be #worthIt !

If you are a Pisces in a relationship or in a relationship with a Pisces, keep doing what you are doing; things are looking pretty good this week! You won’t experience too many challenges. Congrats! Your relationship seems to be on the way to becoming a beautiful thing.

If you are a single Pisces,you may be attracting dishonest people this week. It is time to shift that energy! This is an important week for decision making. You need to come to decisions on whether you want to continue on certain life-paths and in certain relationships (whether they are hookups, friendships, etc). The people you’re attracting right now are not the best or the right people it seems. But don’t let that get to you. You will be over this energy pretty soon!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.27.28 PMCrystal of the Week for Pisces: Labradorite This shiny crystal helps you discover your destiny and provides you clarity and insight. Since you need help to work through some issues this week, this is an ideal crystal for you. It protects you against the negative energies that may come into your life through other people. It gets rid of your illusions and keeps you grounded to reality. It expands your consciousness and stimulates your imagination. Besides aligning your chakras, it can also put you on the path to some adventures! Click here to buy one.


Your theme of the week is unity. The love that you share with one person can get amplified and have a ripple effect across the universe!Smiles are contagious and can change the world, so smile a lot! New opportunities can come through for you this month for career. This could be a promotion or a new opportunity for business growth. However, these will not come to you directly. Electronic communication is how everything will happen for you so keep up on your emails! Watch out for opportunities that you might find online! Other people pretty much have zero impact on your week. Karma is starting to work in your favor, so try and remember that if at any point you feel unhappy this week. Things are sort of just starting to balance out for you, especially if you are spiritual. You might have some confusion about what your priorities are, but make sure you don’t prioritize work this week. You have been working too hard lately and this is the time to relax a little. Focus on getting yourself and your shit together if you feel like you need a project.

Cancer love life this week: You are moving on to calmer waters. You have accepted and assimilated all the lessons life has imparted and now, you are ready for awesome and exciting things! These are beautiful things you very much deserve! Although you’re a water sign, this week you have a fire sign type of energy that can attract anybody! True, you have not been feeling entirely confident these past few months, but you are radiating a great and positive energy now! If you are in a relationship, you might want to focus on the day-to-day with your partner and find ways to make it interesting. Be creative; have a lot of sex.This will take care of any occasional cancer-esque moodiness!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.31.09 PM


Celestial Aura is your power crystal this week, Cancer! This crystal can bring in harmony and align your chakras. It clears your auras and balances your meridians. It helps group dynamics and fosters trust. Further, it can purify you, detox you and get rid of any negative or confrontational energies. Click here to buy one!


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