This week for Sagittarius!

First things first, we need to cleans and activate your chakras! You’ve accumulated some good energies but also some bad this month and they’re living in your aura and energy field…
You are coming into an emotional balance that will benefit you in the physical plane. Wonderful things can grow out of calming your emotions and opening up your mind! Be compassionate and loving with others to generate good Karma! You are putting some real work into recognizing and confronting any ish from the past, and this can get exhausting. But don’t quit yet; you’re too close to the finish line to give up now! Remember that I mentioned blessings are coming in for you!
Money and Career You have a lot of confidence and this will be awesome for you on the career front.People will look at you like a magnet of abundance and respect you this week! Yay for you! This is so much the case, that peoplemight be willing to just give their money over to you without really knowing about your products or services, this is super amazing for you if you’re a waitress or a stripper. So, if you’re in sales, this is your moment! Things have not been as secure as you would have liked in the past month or too but your future looks good moving forward!

If you are a single Sagittarius,
you are being direct about the changes you are making in your life right now with anyone that you may be interested in. If something does not align with your interests or suit these changes, you are ready to part with it. You are currently radiating the Empress energy of the tarot, and that makes you extremely attractive to potential suitors. You will attract people who are serious about relationships, instead of those who are driven only by lust (although everyone will lust you too)!
If you are in a relationship,your sex-life could face a few issues this week. These are not connected to any spiritual chakra blocks or anything like that, but just a matter of changes in the energies that surround your partner and your relationship. You have not always been in relationships that were good for you and you have learned your lessons from them. If your current relationship has been historically tumultuous it’s likely you’ll be thinking of making an exit this week.
How other people will affect your week: They will not have the same dynamic, controlled energy that you have right now, and this will drive them a little crazy. Expect some jealousy in this regard. However, this doesn’t have to affect you- it’s their insecurity problem, and not yours.In fact, big positive changes are coming for you. Enjoy them! Don’t feel guilty about awesome things that happen to you just because they’re not happening to everyone else. This will create a resistance energy to the awesome things you’re currently attracting. This week may be eye opening for you in regards to people that are in your life, but do not serve your highest good.
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.11.25 PMYour Power Crystal This Week: Peacock Ore This super colorful crystal will help you think with greater intuitive awareness. Besides getting rid of all your doubt and feelings of lack, it also solves your energy blocks, improves your self-esteem and brings you harmony and spiritual alignment. You’re already drawing in some really good abundance and potentially an awesome romantic partner. This stone will amplify and speed up this process for you! Yay! To learn more or to buy one, click here.

XOXO, & Sanjay


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