This Week for Virgos!

You may be trying to be more empathetic and kind to others this week and seen as less serious, but rather as more fun to others than usual. You may find yourself slightly emotional actually, remembering how things used to be… You’re sort of reminiscing about the past but not really talking about it. You are nostalgic about the way things were before you had to adult. However, you have to bring some love into your present reality and situation. Find some passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing, even though you don’t exactly like it. After all, it is a secure way for things to be and you’re a sign that very much needs that security.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 4.44.04 PM.png

If you are in a relationship,
all this deep thinking you’re doing in general is not what you need to be doing in your relationship this week. What is important for you now is lust. Surprise your partner; be passionate.Especially if your partner is a Cancer, this would be perfect! Be creative.

If you are single,
everything is working perfectly on a karmic level. Make sure you don’t have any blockages that close you off from receiving the new love that you desire! Your past might have been discouraging when it comes to love, but that’s no reason to turn yourself away from it now! Be open to love. It very well can come easily for you!

How others will affect you this week: Others can totally fill you with happiness and excitement! Make sure you’re saying yes to invitations! There may be a few bad eggs that are stealing your sunshine, but if you make a conscious effort not to let their words or deeds affect you emotionally it’s like they don’t even exist.


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