Leo Couples in May- From Grumpy to Green Pastures!

In the past, not everybody has put you on that special pedestal that you deserve to be on. This is creating a bit of a block for you. You might be internally questioning your partner’s motives when they’re trying to show you love (He’s only rubbing my back because he wants to get laid. He only said I look great in this so we can leave and he doesn’t have to wait for me to change my outfit– would be examples of your inner dialogue).

You are inclined to only really feel their love and appreciation if it is by an act – like a gift, a thoughtful gesture like filling up your car with gas, or by a romantic outing (which they may or might not be picking up on this month). Try to remember that perhaps when you partner is showing you love through their words; that there is no agenda other than letting you know you’re loved and cared for.

What to expect in your relationship in May- Your natural inclination this month is to focus on the negatives more than the positives. Mostly, this is because you don’t want to force yourself to think about the positive things even though it’s better for you and your partner to do so. You’re not radiating at your highest capacity this month, you’re not your usual Leo self this month. Make sure that you make whatever efforts you can in order to monitor your mood!

Since others around you aren’t in this sort of slump you may be feeling this may, they are likely to have a more hopeful, optimistic disposition. This is not something easy to deal with when you’re not feeling the same. There’s NOTHING more annoying than that bubbly, talkative person all up in your face smiling and shit when you’re in a mood… But, if you can force yourself into a more positive energy and connect to your spiritual side, not only will these types of people annoy you way less; you can avoid getting into a toxic downward spiral.

Don’t worry about how to improve your mood or connect to spirituality and raise your vibration specifically; the best method differs for everybody, you can’t do it wrong. Some people have a spiritual experience through yoga, some through laughter, meditation, blasting music super loud, and some even find it through their work. Whatever helps you get in the zone – that is the right thing for you.

How does your partner perceive you in May? You appear to be indecisive. At the same time, they see you as more than what they ever wanted or thought possible. REMEMBER THIS when you are inclined to question what they are doing and saying… It’s actually because they think you’re sooooooo fucking amazing! So, despite your moods this month, they are patient with you, realizing it is only a matter of time until you snap out of it.

What can get in the way of your love-life this month? The challenge is communication problems. Making mountains out of molehills. You’re being a bit grumpy. Be sure before getting fired up over a text message; you didn’t just read it the wrong way.

While talking with your partner, you might sound a bit abrasive in your delivery when all you’re going for is just assertive. But don’t be too hard on yourself and remember May is only one month of the year.

Advice for your relationship in May: Having a lot of patience is going to be important for you. Most of you are fiercely loyal, but some might have a tendency to stray. However, if you take on another lover in May, you will definitely get caught this month.

You are in a funky space right now, so making sure you’re communicating well, focusing on tact, is what you should do. If you don’t it’s likely you will have a lot of unneeded stress and confusion in your relationship this month. The drama that could happen by way of crap communication this month if you’re not careful could lead to resentments down the road.

In Summary: You might not be devoting a lot of energy to your relationship this month, but it will end up alright anyway. Sure, you’ll have your fair share of fights and arguments, but it will end up serving your highest good, by the things that you learn in the process. Your relationship is pretty solid so don’t be afraid.

This is a discovery month for you; a time to figure out what is important to you. Down the road, you will come into a really good emotional balance, that you and your partner will both fully enjoy. You will become a better communicator with your partner and receive everything you desire in this relationship. If May seems challenging for your relationship, remember this advice on communication, and to challenge your own beliefs on your partner’s motivations. The summer months will be sunnier, but we don’t appreciate them until we have experienced some rain!

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate.com & Sanjay

Click here to watch the May video for your relationship predictions


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