Leo Singles- Beware of Accidental Bitch-Face

In May, you are guided by ideas of stability. Thinking about improvements in your home or to your income are totally normal for you this month. How can somebody make your life better in all areas of your life? Is the question you are probably asking yourself this month in your search for love.

You could be afraid that you’ll have different priorities depending on your situation, with those you may be meeting or swiping on this month. For example, if you are a single parent, you might be looking for someone who can make this part of your life easier, and totally not interested in someone who wants something “casual” or conversely, that could be exactly what you want, in order to compartmentalize the different areas of your life right now.

The thing is, you need better balance in your life. You don’t want a partner unless it is somebody who makes your life better, and that’s definitely how you’re supposed to be feeling this month in regards to finding a partner.

What can you expect this month in love: You won’t be disappointed. But you may not be very open to receiving new people and new love. However, this isn’t so bad as it sounds because it means that you are not prepared to welcome into your life anybody who doesn’t suit your life-goals.

You will be excited and passionate should the right person show up for you. You will discover that there are others who want the same things as you but have different ideas as to how to achieve them though. This could definitely be frustrating… The outcomes of your efforts this month will depend on how you deal with this, be open and flexible if you want the same things as a potential love match!

How do others perceive you in May? You are seen as being hopeful, like someone who knows what they want and how to get it. This is typical Leo stuff, as we know. You chase what you want until you get it.

People know that you are on your own by choice, and they respect you for it. They understand that you have specific goals in life and that you will make sure that anyone you bring into your life, helps in this regard.

What is getting in the way of you finding love? You might be going too fast when you should go slower. Your habit of relentlessly pursuing the things you desire might work against you in some aspects this month. But ultimately, for the majority of Leos; if you find yourself rushing in love, it is because you have found the right person. Be thoughtful before diving straight in and make sure a new person will be an asset to your life. Otherwise, you shouldn’t even bother.

What is the best course of action for you? Picture yourself in a successful relationship; the kind of relationship that others might look at with envy. How fast you reach there depends on how attentive to detail and surroundings you are.

If you ignore this advice, you might be missing out on some good opportunities; people might be trying to give you love or show interest and you might be turning away from it. If you pay attention to the little things, any unhappiness can be healed in your love life this month. Look up from your Facebook or your emails on your phone, and notice that person trying to make eye contact from across the coffee shop. It could totally be worth it this month!

Your own problems, be it financial or professional, can affect anybody you meet this month. You won’t radiate the huge vibration of love that you usually do so be aware of the attitude and vibration you have and are putting out there. Watch out for accidental bitch face… However, towards the end of May, you will be a lot happier; things will be a lot better and therefore this gets easier if you ignored the aforementioned advice in the beginning of the month.

Love will definitely come for you, and for many of you, unfortunately probably after May. BUT, be open to it when it comes, and it will work out perfectly for you. Your match is out there!

To watch a more in-depth video horoscope click here

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate.com & Sanjay


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