Virgo May 2018 Tarot Horoscope

General theme for Virgo in May 2018:

You’ll want to try new things in May, Virgo! If you experience difficulties this month, remember to turn to your spirit guides for assistance because you’ll experience far greater ease with their help! Try to remember to be grateful for challenges and hard times; they either serve as important life lessons or push you onto a better and more positive path moving forward.

It can sometimes be hard to understand why others do what they do. Their words can be painful, and deeds hurtful. However, what Virgos need to understand this month is that what other people do and say, the way they react to situations, is more about THEM than YOU. Try to find new ways to communicate with difficult people, instead of focusing on their behaviors.

Money & Career

If you’re able to stay in the aforementioned mindset, new beginnings and opportunities in the areas of career and money await you! This may not appear so initially; but the universe will eventually lead you onto the path of your passions and purpose. Doors and opportunities will present themselves!

It’s very possible that you could meet somebody in May, who will be monumental in bettering your financial situation. This could be a new romantic mate or a potential business partner.

In your career, expect triumph – promotion and bigger commissions! This may not come to you immediately, but as the month progresses, you will reap rewards for your hard work!

How other people will impact your May

Pay attention! There are people that have a lot to share with you about spirituality (actual people or by written articles or YouTube videos). This is important for you to take advantage of this month as it will help you to achieve better in your life.

You might find yourself being sucked into other people’s drama… It is up to you to decide whether to get involved or stay out of it! Remember that.

Virgo Power Crystal of the Month: Black Tourmaline

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.43.13 PMBlack tourmaline is great to help you stay grounded in reality. This is an excellent stone for earth signs in general, Virgo! Black Tourmaline repels the negative energies that emanate from other people. It helps you to heal, rids harmful effects of electromagnetic exposure AND the best part is that in business, this might be the exact stone you need! It is a very powerful stone for business success. It also prevents insanity and helps with logic and reasoning. To get one, click here.


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