Aquarius Singles May 2018: You are on the Right Path!

Aquarius Singles May 2018: You are on the Right Path!

How your Past affects your Search for Love in May:

All the pain from your past may still be hurting you this month. However, you are about to reach the stage where it will begin to strengthen you instead! You may not be healing as quickly as you want to, but you are working on it- and that counts.

You are coming into this awesome energy of innocent optimism! This type of energy will lead you to what you seek in love! Remember and BELIEVE that universe will provide you an amazing partner. Be convinced of this! Your friends might try to warn you off of your new-found enthusiasm, but just don’t listen to them. You are headed in the right direction.

You want a completely different love experience than you’ve had before. You are sick of not getting what you want. It’s a very simple thing. Find your specific focus; imagine yourself in a fun, loving relationship. This perfect positivity will boost law of attraction manifestation efforts, it will speed up the process. Your heart is open and ready to receive love.

How potential Love Matches see Aquarius Singles in May

You are not being unapproachable; but you might not be super-assertive either. Since you’re a difficult read for others, it’s possible that others will assume you’re in a relationship already. It’s not that people necessarily think you’re lying when you say you’re single, but they haven’t asked about your status. They’re sort of just making an assumption based on your vibes. You don’t seem desperate, which is good; but you may come off too cool or disinterested in dating. Aquarius is not an obsessive astrological sign in general; and this might work against you potentially in the month of May. This trait is an asset in the long term, but it does make it hard for people to assess your level of interest in them right now.

If others are aware that you’re single, available and looking for love, this energy of aloofness can actually serve you VERY well. You’re not going to come off as too clingy which is a major turn off for a lot of people. Expect fun and excitement – a more joyful and adventurous, hot experience and you can very well experience it in May!

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate & Sanjay


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