Aquarius Love Relationships- May 2018

Aquarius Love Relationships- May 2018

How your Past affects your Relationship NOW in May:

There are things you have stuffed up inside, things you would rather not think about. If you want the relationship you desire, you have to talk about these things with your partner. You have to be bold enough to upset the apple cart a little bit. Your relationship is currently pretty healthy, but this is how you take it to the next level.

What can Aquarius expect in their relationships in May?

You might feel a bit disappointed; but you need to remember that things don’t change overnight. Try to focus on the more positive and joyful things that are happening in your relationship than the negative things. It can be a bit challenging to work on your relationship this month, mostly because you can’t find enough time in your life to balance it with all of your other responsibilities. All of us wish for more than 24 hours per day sometimes, but remember your partner deserves and desires more of you right now. You have to make it happen for them this month to continue to stay in a positive and secure relationship.

How will others affect your relationship?

They won’t. Your relationship is pretty secure. YOU are the biggest factor in what determines it’s success this month. Again, make sure you make time for your partner.

Your partner might be a bit confused about his or her own priorities as well this month. To help them along, try to keep a positive attitude and compliment them as much as you can remember to. This can make them feel appreciated and less grumpy as a result.

What can get in the way of your relationship in May, Aquarius?

Your decisions may end up to sort of self-sabotage what you have going for yourself in your relationship… Especially if you’re engaging in electronic flirting, or what your partner perceives you to be doing in your innocent comments on facebook, or in your emoji responses by text to others. Likewise you’re likely to be affected by their communication in this regard as well. It could be either of you who is perceiving the other to be stepping outside of the comfortable boundaries you’ve established, and although it’s innocent for most of you, it can be hurtful to your partner. If you are promiscuous, chances are you will get caught in the long run, although probably not immediately in the month of May.

How to bring more love into your relationship in May:

Focus on the happiness. Finding new things to do together can be helpful. When you feel emotionally imbalanced, focus on what you need to say. Communication is very important for you and your partner this month in order to further strengthen your bond. Try to be open!

To watch a more detailed video analysis of your relationship this month, click here!

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate & Sanjay


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