Taurus- Attitude of Gratitude Needed for More $$$

Taurus, May 2018 has a lot to offer you in career and in money or abundance IF you know how to manage the energies! Figure out exactly how to dominate your birthday month in this article!


Count your coins, Taurus! May is all about your gratitude and finances, so here’s what to expect.


You may not have committed enough to having a joyful life, which is why May is going to revolve around gratitude. To have the best month possible, you must release any old emotions that make you stuck and any habits that cripple you from living your best life.

Here’s a life hack: keep a Gratitude Journal. Write down what you’re thankful for. The more thankful you are, the better your life will be. Gratitude helps you to naturally feel better by raising your vibration, but it also helps you utilize the law of attraction! You naturally attract more of what you love if you’re thankful for it.

Think of any challenges this month this way – conflicts aren’t conflicts, you’re just talking and thinking about them like they are. If you don’t understand why something is happening, thank your spirit guides for the learning experience or the lesson that will come out of it.

Focus on gratitude in May to reap the fullest benefits the universe has to offer you.


As for your career, more learning is needed to experience the fullest benefits of May. You need to go through this learning process alone, not in a group setting.

There’s something you need to spend more time focusing on in regards to your career, so you can move on, and you should know what that is naturally or intuitively. If not, identify it (if you need help, you can always get a tarot reading!) then work through it! The process is not going to be easy, but for the most part, the challenges that were major in your career path are behind you now. Spend some time alone to focus on your career goals so that you can take appropriate actions to get what you want!

Your solar plexus is very balanced this month, which is a massive blessing in regards to career success.  People will see your confidence. If you’re a go-getter this month, completely focused in a specific direction and learning about how to get there; there is going to be nothing that will distract you from achieving your goals.


In this department, the challenge this month is changing your mindset and reality to be more financially stable. This will be challenging since things are spiritually out of balance for you lately in regards to the energy of money or abundance.

Make affirmations that you believe in and your financial situation will improve – basically, have faith. Affirmations that will not work are ones like  “I am a millionaire” (unless you actually are). Affirmations don’t work if you don’t truly believe in them. You need to be making affirmations about the process that you are trying to believe in “I am in the process of becoming a millionaire” for example, and then simply maintain that belief and wait to cash in after co-creating that reality with the focused action we previously mentioned. Try affirming something that you are working towards, for example, “I am in the process of becoming financially stable.” Or better yet, put this in your gratitude journal!

“I am in the process of achieving financial stability and freedom”

You aren’t as emotionally invested in things that should be. Your communication and logic are just fine, but you’re not coming from a super emotional or spiritual place in your efforts regarding career and especially money. Instead of thinking logically, you want to spiritualize what you’re trying to manifest by feeling joy for the things you want to attract as though you already had them. You need to spiritualize your money to get more of it in May.

Money is an energy, just like love. It’s something that you give and receive, so you want to assert to the universe what you want as far as money goes, and a realistic or attainable mount, so you can believe it and therefore have it.

This month, pay attention to number signs. These are related to finances and will be especially important for May. You may see repeating numbers as angel messages!


Fortunately, nobody is going to bring negative things into your life that you need to address in May. Some people will make unwise choices that will work for your benefit. This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t deserve your luck, it merely means that others’ mistakes will be made in your favor. 


Many of the people surrounding you believe they are smarter and better than you, which may cause some chaos in your home or workplace. They could be bossing you around or trying to lord themselves over you. If you ignore them and do not engage, the conflict will be minimal and you will have a positive month.


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.37.04 PMThis month’s crystal is smoky quartz, which has a lot of uses. It helps in relationships with soulmates and eases the tension in group settings where there are clashing opinions. Smoky quartz takes negative energy, gets rid of it, and replaces it with light energy, which helps you face responsibilities and group your reality, giving you hope. Smoky Quartz will aid in getting rid of anything or anyone that’s not useful and thereby will help in removing fear energies that block the law of attraction. On top of all that, it increases awareness of dreams and helps you quit negative thought patterns, which is especially beneficial for this month and your abundance blocks surrounding wealth!

Click here to learn more about Smoky Quartz or to shop for one!

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate & Jenny

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