Libra Love Tarot Horoscope- May 2018

Hi Libra! In this article, we’re going to examine your love life. You will be looking at the past and seeing how it affects the present and future, analyze why you want what you want, finding out what you need, and what you can expect this month.


If you are a single Libra,then you weren’t always assertive about what you wanted. In past relationships, you did the work for both people and you gave too much. This is something to keep in mind when you assert what you desire in the future.

This is because you want a fun relationship that isn’t a chore. You want to have enthusiasm, hope, or joy. Fun is the general theme of this month for you.

Here’s what you can expect – meeting people who don’t necessarily want the same things you do. Because of this, you need to be more assertive, so you don’t end up with someone incompatible.

The factors influencing false partners could be past disappointments that you’ve had, or other people interfering with your relationships. If you’re newly single, this could mean someone cheated on the other with another person, or perhaps a third party kept intruding on your relationship (like a mother in law, or a really needy employer). If you’ve been single for a while, this could be the disappointment of trying to find love and coming up empty-handed.

That’s why in May, its important to be more assertive, so that people know whether you’re on the same page as them. Being firm is how you will avoid more disappointment.

Be aware that past events that you haven’t gotten over yet or lessons you haven’t worked through can create a blockage for you in attracting a good match. For some, May is going to be about getting over something or someone you invested a lot of emotion into. That something could be a person or a belief system, or even a fantasy of how you wanted things to be. Be ready for someone else to come in and, not fix your life, but be the icing on top of the cake of a life that is already good and complete (but only if you’re over the past stuff and are content with the current state of things).

The best course of action is to keep doing what you’re doing. This month is relatively easy – it’s not the luckiest, nor the unluckiest of months, so don’t stress too much about it. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and rest, which will help you fully invest in someone that is worthwhile and aligned with your expectations.


If you are a coupled Libra, then you’ll find that elements of the past are affecting your relationship. You may be communicating with people who are misleading you, deceiving you, or lying to you. There’s been a lack of trust in either your current relationship or one of your past relationships. At some point, someone was betrayed by their partner, and karma is affecting your relationships now.

This is either very good or very bad for you. If you were faithful and loving to your partner in the past, this means that things will be swinging in your favor this month. However, if you were a bad partner in a past relationship, your mistakes are going to be ricocheting back at you.

What you currently want, is to work through challenges and move the relationship in a certain direction. This could be moving in with someone, getting married, having a child, or buying a house. This is challenging because the emotional aspect of why you want this is lacking. You need to be honest with yourself and figure out why you want what you want.

You’re not being assertive or direct enough with your partner this month, because you’re confused about what you want. The relationship you are in isn’t necessarily a secure one, but it’s not something you have to leave.

However, a little is going on in your relationship, which will influence your love life. The deceitfulness isn’t something constant or toxic – it was a small, onetime thing, or could even be something positive… You could be annoyed that you think your partner is hiding something from you, but really it’s just a surprise party for YOU.

Currently, you’re willing to face challenges and be logical, but the actual doing won’t start yet. You’ve only been making plans. May is for working with your partner and starting to take action only after you’ve discovered what you actually want, why you actually want it and if it’s good for both of you.

As for what can get in the way of your love, you could be stuffing your emotions and sitting with them. Youdon’t need your partner to be more fun, it’s the other way around.

The best course of action this month is to start doing things,except make any big financial decisions. May is not a good time to make these decisions, and you will not like the outcome. If may feel like you’re holding yourself back, but if you wait, something better will happen.

If you ignore this advice, it will become a learning process. Your partner is not going to abandon you, but there will be some negative communication where they may think you are selfish or rash.

So, to recap, May is a month for being assertive and taking action. Just be sure to steer clear of making major financial decisions to have the best month you can have.


XOXO, & Jenny


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