Relationships in May- Sagittarius

Sagittarius Couples – May:

Show your Love!

If you are a Sagittarius in a relationship, here is what you need to keep in mind in May

How your Past affects your relationship in May

Your past gives you ideas about what you want for the future. It fills you with hope and optimism. You can sense the possibilities of where your relationship could go. A happily ever after is somewhere on the horizon!

At the same time, you might not be super-confident either. You are more guarded in relationships this month than usual.

What Sagittarius can expect in love for May

You want to have a lot of fun this month. If you stop thinking about the things that make you grumpy and make an effort to show love to your partner, you will be well off and can have much more enjoyment in your relationship. This month, words won’t get you very far with your parner; however much you tell your partner you love them, you’ll be better off making a physical effort to make them happy and SHOW them love. Try a romantic dinner or a thoughtful gift, it will go a lot further for you in May.

How your partner perceives you in May

They sense that you are not putting enough effort into the relationship (which is why you need to SHOW them love instead of just telling them you care). This is why actually doing something nice for them is very important. However, they can also understand that this is not so much your fault. You have got a lot of feelings going on, you might be tired, you might even have a lot of people telling you how you to live your life, you may be busy with work… These things are definite downers and your partner understands that.

How Sagittarius can bring in more love to relationships in May

By letting go of the things that aren’t good in the relationship, you’ll have a way better relationship. You need to get rid of toxic habits of communication, and make sure that you’re paying lots of attention to your partner’s emotional state. Ensure that your partner is doing the same for you. You are in this relationship together, and you BOTH should act like it.

Your relationship will grow stronger out of this guidance and your communication will get better. On the other hand, if you choose to ignore this advice, well, your partner is not going to be very loving and helpful with you either. And that’s not what you want.

To watch a more detailed video analysis of your relationship this month, click here!

XOXO, tarot-blee-accurate & Sanjay


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