Zodiac Crystals for February

Your February Crystals of the Month have been selected to match your zodiac signs vibration! I can't wait to explain to each of you how these can benefit you this month in your psychic tarot video coming soon on my YouTube channel!


January 2019 Cheatsheets for Your Zodiac Sign

What you need to know about your zodiac sign for January 2019 Fire Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries See what crystal and affirmations you need to get through January, and what your focus should be based on your zodiac or astrology sign! Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces See what crystal and affirmations you need to get [...]

Pisces and Cancer This Week!

Scroll down past the pretty labradorite image if you're here for the Cancer Reading! PISCES! It has been really challenging for you to live in the present moment - to express love into everything you do and being mindful. People might be getting the feeling that you are not paying attention or being respectful enough. [...]

Cancer Love Energies through April 15th

Are you a single Cancer trying to find out what turns your love-life will take in the next month? Or are you worried about how the Mercury Retrograde until April 15th will affect you? Read on! What does your month look like? You might not feel very confident or in control of where your love [...]

Cancer March 2018!

CANCER - MARCH: LEARN TO RECEIVE WITHOUT GUILT! GENERAL FEELING- For Cancers, this March is not the best time emotionally. You are going to feel emotionally down and hopeless some of the time. The energy that will surround you will be one of imbalance and confusion. Since this is a Pisces month, you will experience your [...]