Hi! Welcome! You Found Me! Yay!

Hey y’all! I moved my blog over here from tarot-blee-accurate.com because of issues with member access. Being born just before the Millennials, but after the Gen-Xers, I am wedged in an awkward middle. I feel semi-confident with technology, but quickly learn I may have been overconfident… Sorry to shoot you all over the internet, but regardless, I hope you love this new blog! XOXO

Readings, crystals, energy healings, psychic tools, tarot lessons, etc. are all still available for purchase at Tarot-Blee-Accurate.com like before, you’ll just be viewing the blog posts here from now on 🙂

Check out this post to see who’s helping me with transforming my video content to written form! 

Here’s my latest YouTube Video (my actual home) if you came to this blog in an untraditional way! Welcome!


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