Gemini May- Money & Career

Hi Gemini! Good news – getting through May should be child’s play. Here’s how you can have the best month ever! GENERAL THEME FOR GEMINI IN MAY This month, you get to create your own reality. No, this doesn’t mean magic-ing money into your life or something like that. You don’t get to control your [...]


Gemini –Last Week of April- Look at All Your Money!

Pouring love into all situations is what will serve you best in this last week. Think about your purpose - on all levels, and activate all your chakras. Remember that you possess the ability to demonstrate infinite love and by doing so you’re bettering your own life and the lives of others! Money and Career: [...]

Gemini Love In the End of April

Gemini try to go with the flow for the rest of April. It's not the best time to make decisions; however, it is a good time to communicate with others (as if keeping your mouth shut was ever even a thing, you chatty Kathies!) If you go with the flow, anything is possible. Whatever you [...]

Gemini March 2018

March is all about Gemini's sharing their talents with the world and receiving abundance in return!