Pisces End of May Tarot Horoscope

Hi Pisces! Lucky for you, May is going to be a great month, so here’s what to expect. GENERAL THEME FOR PISCES IN MAY The general theme for May is changing your reactions. This is related to your throat chakra, which is connected to intuitively knowing what your responses should be. You currently have a [...]


Aries May- Career & Money Outlook

Aries in May: Make the best of what you have! General Theme For Aries in May Greater fulfillment! When you are spiritually switched-on, you automatically feel better. The little things that used to bug you in the past do not bother you anymore. Overall, you just feel a lot better.  This has to be your [...]

Gemini May- Money & Career

Hi Gemini! Good news – getting through May should be child’s play. Here’s how you can have the best month ever! GENERAL THEME FOR GEMINI IN MAY This month, you get to create your own reality. No, this doesn’t mean magic-ing money into your life or something like that. You don’t get to control your [...]

Libra Love Tarot Horoscope- May 2018

Hi Libra! In this article, we’re going to examine your love life. You will be looking at the past and seeing how it affects the present and future, analyze why you want what you want, finding out what you need, and what you can expect this month. SINGLE LIBRAS IN THE MONTH OF MAY If [...]

Aquarius Love Relationships- May 2018

Aquarius Love Relationships- May 2018 How your Past affects your Relationship NOW in May: There are things you have stuffed up inside, things you would rather not think about. If you want the relationship you desire, you have to talk about these things with your partner. You have to be bold enough to upset the [...]

Taurus- Attitude of Gratitude Needed for More $$$

Taurus, May 2018 has a lot to offer you in career and in money or abundance IF you know how to manage the energies! Figure out exactly how to dominate your birthday month in this article!

Aquarius Singles May 2018: You are on the Right Path!

Aquarius Singles May 2018: You are on the Right Path! How your Past affects your Search for Love in May: All the pain from your past may still be hurting you this month. However, you are about to reach the stage where it will begin to strengthen you instead! You may not be healing as [...]